Advances in Stream Analytics (Cloud Streaming data processing pipelines 2 days ago   44:43

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Apache Beam, Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Pub/Sub are making stream processing even more powerful and easy to use. From multi-language support, to a new simplified editor for pipeline creation, to offloading stream processing to hyper-scalable and efficient stream processing infrastructure, to a new, unified way of monitoring and understanding what is going on with events in your stream - the future of streaming is here today. With an example from Lyft on how Apache Beam delivers Python support and portability with Apache Flink, come learn how you can make your data ingestion and processing more real-time.

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Speaker(s): Sergei Sokolenko, Kir Titievsky, Thomas Weise

Session ID: DA311
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Streaming data processing pipelines Advances in Stream Analytics (Cloud 2 days ago   53:12

Speaker: Markku Lepistö, Solutions Architect - APAC and Japan, Google Cloud Platform at Google

Everything is about data. Data drives your decisions, your features, and can be your product. But batch processing is too slow - you have to analyze and act in real-time. Apache Beam is a new open source project for unified data processing. Streaming Beam Python pipelines are now here!

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