The Chilling Black Dahlia Murder Michael Danaher - UK's Dumbest 9 months ago   26:24

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People should take a minute to think about Elizabeth and what the poor young woman had to endure at the hands of a psychopath..rather than being entertained by the 'Black Dalia' story that tinseltown liked to put out to entertain us.
Just gobby middleclass youtubers with their unjustified ego's shouting "gruesome man isn't it?"
God bless you Elizabeth Short..may your soul rest in peace.
B0ngr1pp3r 77
Shane thought he'd killed and/or tortured all of the eyewitnesses that saw his demonic killing spree. Of course he was surprised
Bell Bear
Nah she got a buck fifty, only mobsters did that back then
Graham conquer GHC
Wouldn't a Dr have morphine rather than using bft
Graham conquer GHC
Yeah I heard that he done abortions
Graham conquer GHC
I think they should finger print ppl when they pass away mandatory and run them through nexus database
Graham conquer GHC
Everyone no's anatomy I could gut someone with a sharp knive set
things shane and i have in common:
- being tall
- not believing in ghosts
- not watching the show before he joined it
Arkin Bundalian
when you look up who killed the Black Dahlia it states that Steve Hodel killed her
i’m starting to feel sick to my stomach i need to stop watching these
being a murderer seems like it would be so depressing
Javier Verdugo
He obviously did it lol
Vincent Frisario
julia child worked for the CIA look it up
Oh the recordings exists. Listen to the podcast Root of Evil. It was there. You can hear the woman's scream. Chilling.
una santos
“george moves to the philippines...”
me: ay _potang ina_
Zachary Dickerson
No room at the hotel.
Should have....

Zachary Dickerson
“Includes paid promotion” and Ryan have done it again
Ashley nunya
Please do a video on kenneka Jenkins
Izabella Shearer
Isn’t one of the ghost from American Horror Story based off of this? (Season 1)
Banoffee Pie
This case was so bizarre that somehow it's THE WATCHER fault.
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Michael Danaher - UK's Dumbest The Chilling Black Dahlia Murder 9 months ago   41:17

Michael Danaher - UK's Dumbest Killer - A Killer's Mistake
Michael Danaher, 50, attacked and killed Adrian Greenwood, 42, in the hallway of his victim’s home, after hatching a plan to rob him of a rare first edition of The Wind in the Willows that Greenwood had listed on eBay for £50,000.
Michael Danaher has been told he will serve at least 34 years in prison