Oklahoma City - A Better Living, Top 10 Best Places To Live In Texas 5 months ago   09:19

Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
Find out all about how great it is to live, work and play in your next hometown: Oklahoma City. (Video from our 2009 Relocation Kit.)

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bluegrassmagnolia superhulk
i like Oklahoma but i dont hate Oklahoma because oklahoma is a beautiful state suddenly the things i dont like about the sooner state is tornadoes
Jerry Riddle
lol came to check out what it's like there and got stuck on reading the comments. missed it all. lmao
Random view
I love Oklahoma so much,
It’s very much beautiful like yes.
One love from Liberia 🇱🇷.
Susanna Rytkölä
Greetings from Finland, have to visit there.
Jessi Dawkins
so Oklahoma is actually a country
Jessi Dawkins
anyone out there cant help me get a Jamaican visa to come here my my
Frank White
Are they going to call me a Yankee? Im from Philadelphia
clout Taylor
Yeah a better living life until you get hit by a tornadoe
Oklahoma sucks crooked ass police Suck even more you can have that state I will never go through it again
respected gentlewoman
Unfortunately, Oklahoma has lost its best attraction on July 3, 2011.
That guy
We are just waiting for Mary Fallin to get out of office.
Brian Hernandez
Oklahoma has beautiful women. 😍
Lucas Fernandez
Yea Oklahoma City isn't a big city but it does look decent though
Lyss Nascimento
Dont like city stay with dogs . I HATE DOGS.
Forrest Clooney
Oklahoma sucks, "low cost of living." Yeah because it's poor as fuck. Living there was the worst experience of my life.
Bob Anderson
Born and raised in this fanatical bible-belt state. Best thing I ever did was get the hell out and never looked back.
I may be moving here, I'm so excited!!!! 🙂 👌
Tag Master 405.800.3739
excellent, Keep up the good work.
Donell Cooper
What about those tornados though?
Yeet Yeet Jones
okay.... so I dont really like loving in oklahoma, but if you're going to move here, try norman, much better environment then OKC
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Top 10 Best Places To Live In Texas Oklahoma City - A Better Living, 5 months ago   11:10

The Lone Star State, home of the Live Music Capital of the World, where everything is bigger, where near everything is better, and where the word "pride" may just not cut it. This true Southern state is not just great in size, but in countless other areas as well: a variety of nature, a whole country's worth of weather packed into one state, tons of things to do, plentiful places to explore, and, of course, its rich and unique history.
Deep in the heart of Texas are prairies, forests, rugged hills, desert land, a coastline and grasslands that give residents
multiple venues to enjoy life.
Here're the 10 best places to live in Texas in 2017.

1. Austin.
2. Dallas / Fort Worth.
3. Houston.
4. San Antonio.
5. El Paso.
6. McAllen.
7. The Woodlands.
8. Plano.
9. Richardson.
10. Round Rock.
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