Darrell Waltrip Goes For a Wild Dirt to Diamonds 2012 5 months ago   03:25

Matt L1996
Darrell gets scared out of his mind as Tony Stewart puts the car to the edge at Eldora Speedway

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Tyler Dolch
I've watched this almost 30 times. Every time gives me goosebumps .
Eli S
What a bitch. Damn. You'd have thought he was an ex dog-show judge or some shit, not a race car driver.
Jason E
1:49, Darell “that’s enough, you’re gonna fuck around here and hurt us”. lol Awesome
Only Dinosaur
This is the funniest thing I've ever seen! Darryl sounds like Ricky Bobby losing his shit lmao
Todd Cummings
BIG puss
T C.
What a pussy! Stupid hillbilly needs to shut up!
Johnny Bgood
All racing is good racing
Brian Booher
Thats funny
C'mon. He has g forces in his blood. This is just over reacting to get more attention drawn to Nascar racing.
Is this particular 2 seater car still around or is it gone?
raydawg silas
boogety boogety lets go racing boys lmao
Charles Tinsman
Once smoke got to riding that burm ol Darrell's voice got a little higher 😂
They should have done it with a crowd on the field, he sure enough would have freaked out lol
I love Tony Stewart's laugh. Notice how he never gets off the gas. Just taps the brake and runs the wheel. .
sean henderson
Waltrip is the real life Ricky Bobby
Colby Parris
He says," why would anyone in their right mind do this?"...... We ain't in our minds!
Eric Monaco
This aint Bristol Darrell
What a put on!...Ultimate fake terror!
should have put some other cars out there with them and he would have flipped for sure then!
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Dirt to Diamonds 2012 Darrell Waltrip Goes For a Wild 5 months ago   21:31