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San Francisco is banning facial recognition technology. Once signed into law, it will be the first American city to make it illegal for local government agencies to obtain, retain, access or use the surveillance. However, the ban will not apply to private companies.

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San Francisco wanted hooligan mug you on street
I could just see some dictator getting a hold of technology and controlling his people with it
99 99
we are turning into NPC's
Wazz Zappening
The far left want the liberty of self determination to do and practice what they feel is good and right for themselves. They want the power to suppress any opposing narrative that isn't convenient. They obviously want to avoid at all cost self accountability. They would want the cameras for everyone else to slander the dirt they see on others as a control mechanism if they could remain unseen themselves. But the left need to protect the chaos they use for political manipulation so they reject the cameras. They will never have the power of the Chinese have over their own citizens.
bks bks
The people need demand thet all government congressman and senators have body cameras and voice and facial recognition software applications does on the government, the government workers for the people. So the people have a right to know everything that the government people are doing .
bks bks
The Chinese people need to kill off. The Chinese government evil director ship control government for doing facial recognition software applications on everyone in china.its evil
Kent S
I'm not a fan of San Francisco, or California for that matter, but, FRT is much too Orwellian for me. It totally creeps me out to walk into a retail store or public building and see cameras everywhere.
Sasha Stone
So Silicon Valley creates it and then they make sure they ban it for themselves. The ban is just for the headlines, because it's COMPLETELY useless if it does not apply to private companies. How are they above the law yet again??? This is another FAIL.
I'm glad for this. I don't want the government tracking my every move, every place I go. This is America, not China. This really needs to apply to private companies as well unless you actively opt-in.
Hooray. They did one thing right there.
if its public space, i couldn't care less. Private areas would be an issue. I mean there is so many people doing shading things in alleyways or whatnot.

The real reason San Fransisco wants to ban it is because they're sanctuary city and want to hide all their illegals from appearing on screen for ICE to round up.
David Alexander Forde
A terrorist attack in a Christmas market in Berlin, in December 2016? Please, watch the official-presented video clips and finally realise, that western governments are merely playing with your minds! Christ Church, New Zealand? Yet another false flag and hoax, for the naive human public! Wake effing up, you still docile and sheep-like human beings!
julk cabrera
You all ready lost control
Tampa Bay Ybor city was the first to have facial recognition in the world. Then Raymond James Stadium where the Buccaneers play and then they start putting them everywhere. But it was first tested in Tampa
Sali Mall
Holly Molly ! I was saying wow a reasonable voice ! .. until... China's name was sneaked in .Noam Chomsky had sneaked China's name in surveillance.. as well .when he was criticizing Google and Facebook... .sorry it is all in my head :) ... I just get bothered , when China's name appears where you do not expect them appear , i..e there is a news about San Fransisco... bing! China ! , there is a criticism about Google ... bing! China! .. .. just find it strange..
Sam S
Who bans who ? 😂
Porkchop Periwinkle
It is every creature's prerogative to avoid being tracked.
However, San Francisco simply wants to avoid ICE utilizing that tech to track down and arrest illegals of all kinds.
ajay kumar
All of them living in fools paradise. Few bombs will wake them. Make them accountable and put them behind bars because of these people who enjoy security round the clock are playing with innocent lives
Human race could be in danger due to over exposing radiation by mobile network. It may causes genetic disorder due to gradual mutation. But trillion dollar business community is not interested in research on this issue.
Congratulation San Francisco. You did the right thing for humanity. Human chipping also should be banned.
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