Miami University Aerial Campus Tempe Campus Tour - Barrett, 3 months ago   02:57

Miami University

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Andrew J
Nice campus
do i get in some good placement if i join in this college am an international student
Jeevan Mgr
When is the intake plz drop down in my email
cj max
Just got accepted
Miami University the best university ...
Yay It’s an Avocado
Heard this place has the hottest chicks. Is that correct
At the very left of the screen left of the vault of Goggin Ice Arena the Rec center 710 S. Oak former home for me. Miami had 716 S. Oak an old farm house for which my dad expressed financial dismay when the rent skyrocketed from $50.00 per month to $75.00 per month.
Logan Davis
Saw my car in shriver parking lot lul
Emile Willaerts
I don't get it why is there name Miami if they are in ohio
David Fajardo
is there astronomy in this university? ?? plaza ask me
Faye Stock Oney
Great video! What's missing is the uptown bars.
Great video. So much has changed and it's still gorgeous!!
Outdoor Millennial
Are you using a DJI phantom or a different professional grade drone ?
Steve Levine
Should have had more of Western College, although you did include most of the crap Miami stuck on it that doesn't belong there.
Did South Quad disappear or something? Would have been nice to see Morris, Tappan, Emerson. Still pretty impressive, though.
Adam Ruiz
Lots of changes since I've been back. It's about time for a visit
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Tempe Campus Tour - Barrett, Miami University Aerial Campus 3 months ago   07:20

This student and alumni-led video tour of Barrett's Tempe campus showcases the outdoor gathering spaces, residence hall rooms, Honors Hall and its amenities along with Barrett classrooms where our signature course, the Human Event, is taught.

Note: As of Fall 2015, Barrett Advising is moving to Honors Hall, 2nd floor. The existing Barrett Fitness Center space has been re-purposed, Barrett students will have access to the gym located in Barrett@Vista.

To schedule a tour of Barrett Tempe, use this link:


Videographers: Joe Dugandzic and Carolina Lopez
Drone Pilot: Joe Dugandzic (Phantom 2 & GoPro Hero3+ Black)
Editing and Post-Production: Joe Dugandzic and Carolina Lopez
Featuring: Connor Udasco, Rita McGlynn and Reem Gerais
Writers: Michelle Hollin and Nicole Greason
Executive Producer: Joe Dugandzic