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The Truth About Sororities! | How To Fall Asleep Fast When - At Up-Tube.com

The TRUTH About Sororities! How to Fall Asleep FAST When 8 months ago   13:27

Brooklyn and Bailey
We’ve realized since joining #ChiOmega at Baylor, that a lot of you, especially those from foreign countries, have some interesting #assumptions about them from TV or movies, etc! So, we invited past leaders of sorority chapters to help us set the record straight!

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Did you know that the root of Sorority is "sororitas" which means sisterhood or sisters? We asked y’all to send in any assumptions that you have about sororities, and the stereotypes that you've seen or heard about out there, and a lot of you were actually sending in the same ones! 😂

We are only three months in to our #sorority life, and we can obviously only speak on our limited personal experiences at Baylor. Going in, we were not completely sure exactly what being in a sorority entailed, what recruitment was like, etc.

Since we are still learning about sororities at #college, we asked a leader from another sorority at Baylor, Hannah, to join us. Also, we invited two of our friends, Ari and Dana, who attended and graduated from TCU and Texas A&M respectively, to share their knowledge and experiences in their sororities as well.

While we know that not all sorority chapters run things "exactly" the same, the purpose of this video is to give you an idea of what they are, and dispel some of the misconceptions out there. Filming this video with Anna Joy Hannah, Ari, and Dana was very informative!

It was super interesting for us to hear everyone’s unique perspective on sororities based on their own experiences vs how we see our sorority life at Baylor!

Did you learn anything new from this video regarding sororities?? How many of you would like to join one? Comment below!

💋's -Brooklyn

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Comments 1249 Comments

Brooklyn and Bailey
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Alicia Ephraims
lmao at 8:56 the way she said "yeah" like that smh
Seri Nelsen
sounds like a cult but ok
Sage rasmussen
Also you guys are just saying that they picked you on how you look that is just sick
Sage rasmussen
Why did you join
Ashliyn Burgos
I’m a Chi O at UNC Chapel Hill
Marynn Porter
I love how they included a girl in a divine 9
Ashutosh Dwivedi
Girls don't like to be given flying kisses but they do it to others all the time.
Gabbie Young
Is being a hufflepuff a good thing
Almost died I always say no one wants to be a hufflepuff not even a hufflepuff!!😂😂😂 At least one person has validated my opinion!

* Not trying to offend anyone *
Chandna Chawla
Who is the bulldozer in the middle
Kelvin Hemsley
Are you beyond deception?You shall have no other Gods before me. Pray and ask God to help you find your way back to the light. The truth will set you free.Jesus is the way the truth and the light!
neels n
Sorority is hostel for girls
Dani H
They basically said that most of these are true but they tried to justify them
greg rafieck
What the benefits with a sorority?
Olivia Metcalfe
Most organizations don't have to pay dues that cost $400+ dollars, though. 🤷🏽‍♀️ its because they want people to join regardless of socioeconomic background. Soroities aren't open to that. You typically have to be rich, most lower socioeconomic backgrounds can't afford $400-$1,000 as well as tuition, and that isn't even counting the houses. The only ones that are actually inclusive are Phi Sigma Pi and other gender inclusive fraternities that are based on scholarship and leadership, the highest their fees get is around $180.
I mean when you go to Baylor, you’re not gonna get the same kind of sorority as in a state school or a non-Christian school 💀
Maddie Smith
When I was in a sorority (I dropped) we had to pay A TON of dues and then on top of that also had to pay for t-shirts, formals, food, activities, etc. separately. None of that was included in the dues. It made no sense.
Sophie Schreiweis
I literally love this video and that you put so much into it. I mean, you recruited people (different ages) and you shared your experiences. I love you girls! Big B and B Fan. xoxo
Elise Sparrow
Can you back out of those
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