Inside Deron William's NYC Pad Graham Hill's NYC tiny flat 8 months ago   04:25

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35 North Moore Street, PH is the Tribeca penthouse owned by former Nets guard, Deron Williams.
Now that he's playing for the Dallas Mavericks, his home is ready to give up his palatial New York City pad.
And this is no ordinary home. Ever inch has been meticulously renovated to perfection.

This episode of Open House was hosted from 20 West 64th Street Apt. 28DE, New York, NY .

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Wesley Alexander
ALLL this can you be yours IF ! YOU got some $$$$$$ Money !
samsa deniz
Taxes and maintenance fees must cost a fortune every month. He should have bought 10 condos rent out 9 of them. These athletes are stupid. Waste all their money and die poor.
sean love
$15 million you got a deal ✌🏻😝
Ahson Yousef
3 years later still unsold and price reduced to $26,000,000...
Lance Anderson
very nice over price
Mr. Ponfar
$4,500 per square foot! I don't think so!!!
Incredible D
dumb nice
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Graham Hill's NYC tiny flat Inside Deron William's NYC Pad 8 months ago   14:53

Graham Hill began experimenting with small space living in 2010 when he bought two units in a pre-war coop in New York City’s Soho. He ran a competition to redesign the first rundown flat, and the winners, Romanian architecture students Catalin Sandu and Andrei Butusina, created a moving wall and transformable furniture so the one room could function as three or four.

He sold LifeEdited1, or LE1, a few years ago and began work on his second experiment in living with less, LE2, which he hoped would be more affordable and less of a white box. This time he and his team created sliding couch-cubes that can be pushed from room to room to add seating to a couch/dining room or to configure into a queen-sized bed. There’s also lots of felt to absorb sound (both on walls and as a dividing curtain).

Ditching LE1’s movable wall - it didn’t block sound and was too expensive - the LifeEdited crew settled for an accordion door (it shrinks to one-tenth it’s expanded size and can fit into tiny closet in the wall). More often found in conference halls or schools, here the expando-wall divides the guest bedroom/office from the rest of the space. “When it's out it has the acoustic properties of a 2-by-4 insulated stud wall with drywall so it's very effective at sound insulation.”

More info on LE2:
LE2 is for sale:

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