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Marvel's Avengers 2020: 10 Things | 10 Recent Worst Game Breaking - At Up-Tube.com

Marvel's Avengers 2020: 10 Things 10 Recent WORST Game BREAKING 4 months ago   10:12

Marvel's Avengers (PC, PS4, Xbox One) has been revealed at E3 2019. We didn't get everything we wanted, but we have new information for you.
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Comments 1142 Comments

Really wanna know if it has open world. Who else wants it to be open world.
Anthony Oliver Parker-Gaming
Oh God please don’t says it’s a freakin MMO??? Uhhh
makeththeman 20bc
You lost me at “online multiplayer” and “games as a service”. I see a game that I really want to play and then “online multiplayer” completely puts me off buying. Been waiting for this game for what feels like forever, I will get it but if it turns out to be another anthem or star wars battlefront ripoff then I’ll trade it in. I will not become another idiot consumer who buys into “games as a service”. Companies need to realise that we are doing them the service by buying the game and spending time with it to begin with. Single player story is, and always will be what matters most, online multiplayer should be separate. It doesn’t need to be shoved in and made the priority in almost every single game we get nowadays.
They fucking blew with this live service multiplayer bullshit. Should have gone the RDR 2 or Witcher 3 route. Garbage.
Owen O Donoghue
This reminds me of the Marvels Ultimate Alliance on the ps2, and l feel like it'll be quite similar despite the possibility of a open world type gameplay
Skitzy _
I still think this game should be a ps4 exclusive
deep rock galactic more fun
Manoel souto De carvalho
Nothing for Nintendo switch?
Soooo, is it going to be like DCUO but Marvel style? I’m just not getting how it can be online co-op with only 5 characters yet no duplicates. Does that mean there will be 4 player lobbies playing through a storyline?
Tuff Luck
It was actual gameplay footage but it was took down game looks amazing
GoStaggerLee !
Multiplayer, multiplayer, multiplayer... I was excited annnnd now it’s gone
I feel like if the game is gonna play out like Destiny or Anthem where you can see multiple captain Americas or Iron Mans roaming around they would have to involve some kind of multiverse story to explain it. Which I wouldn't mind because so far the game just looks amazing.
Nathan Russell
You should of said Troy Baker played Nate’s brother Sam in Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy
Aman Hill DC Movies & Series
i really think they might do galactus or kang
Cornelius Smith
Add the juggernaut
Comic Boy's
3:09 Let’s go!!!, PlayStation boys are in the houuuseeeee!
Hasan Jwahery
Is the commentator the voice of kirmit the frog 🐸?
The Albino Crocodile
Im actually really excited for this game
Barrett Johnson
Why does ps4 always have all the exclusives and Xbox gets nothing. I swear do they just hate Xbox or something because Xbox players get nothing no good exclusives or anything
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10 Recent WORST Game BREAKING Marvel's Avengers 2020: 10 Things 4 months ago   11:32

Many games have glitches. Some glitches are funny, some are annoying. But from time to time, a glitch will prevent you from completing the game at all. Let's talk about THAT kind of video game glitch - do you remember any of these?
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