Marvel's Avengers 2020: 10 Things 10 Recent WORST Game BREAKING 1 day ago   10:12

Marvel's Avengers (PC, PS4, Xbox One) has been revealed at E3 2019. We didn't get everything we wanted, but we have new information for you.
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Cornelius Smith
Add the juggernaut
Comic Boy's
3:09 Let’s go!!!, PlayStation boys are in the houuuseeeee!
Hasan Jwahery
PolarPlayer 16
Is the commentator the voice of kirmit the frog 🐸?
The Albino Crocodile
Im actually really excited for this game
Barrett Johnson
Why does ps4 always have all the exclusives and Xbox gets nothing. I swear do they just hate Xbox or something because Xbox players get nothing no good exclusives or anything
Whispy Woods
Game as a service?... let greed reign!!!!!
John Castiel
This game will be epic.
Open world?
mira hall
I feel like the took the plot from the incredible s
Grizzly Sus
Please be open world
Pixel Games933
I already pre ordered the game😂 lol
Z. B.
I hope this game is great!
Bradyn Murphy
I feel like it’s gunna be like wwz where there’s different stories
Phillip Overcash
None of the characters look like any of the actors that play them in the films.
Darkside Gaming Syndicate
I'd like to say, I feel cautious. Its square enix.
The Ultimate Channel
Is it open world?
Jj W
Don't like the graphics. Pass.
Cookie Monster
5:45 I know Robby downie
Moutassem Kassas
The campaign is 100% single player only. I saw gameplay at E3 and idk why they said that in the video.
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10 Recent WORST Game BREAKING Marvel's Avengers 2020: 10 Things 1 day ago   11:32

Many games have glitches. Some glitches are funny, some are annoying. But from time to time, a glitch will prevent you from completing the game at all. Let's talk about THAT kind of video game glitch - do you remember any of these?
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