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A video has been released after reports emerged of Uighur singer Abdurehim Heyit's death in a Chinese internment camp. It purports to show Heyit alive, but in prison. Prisons have sprung up across north-west China, housing more than one million Muslims in what China has called "re-education camps." The reported death of Heyit has now prompted the first rebuke from a Muslim-majority nation. Turkey called the "re-introduction of interment camps in the 21st century – a great shame for humanity" and asked China to "close the internment camps."
Reports of the death of Heyit however, prompted for the first time, a rebuke from a majority Muslim nation, Turkey. It called the ‘re-introduction of interment camps in the 21st century – a great shame for humanity’ and asked China to ‘close the internment camps’.
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talin nalo
Rk Thakur
god bless these uighurs....
these communists have lost their conscience..
Aslan Sezen
china can be so much better but first it needs to stop injustices
Zhang Chen
Come at us, Turkey! You are only powerful in your own backyard! We've been the true super power for thousands of years! Without your fellow Europeans you are nothing! Your entire country is the size of a province compared to us! We will crush you!
Long Live the President!
Long live China! The very best!
Tanulasor He
您看看,这不是south china网吗?你嘴里含着屎呢?你们一帮西方人说nm呢?
syeda n
China will be destroyed after the USA n Europe... boycott Israel n Chinese products..
Knot Gord
Thank you China. Stop Uighur terrorism.
wang tie
Turkey belongs to China.
Rajnish Kumar
So sad for Uighur people.
Naz Mor
Let's stop buying Chinese products starting from today
Supriya Kr. Misra
Yes he is alive under the undewear of president china😆
I hate China 😓😓😓😓
Laxman Kadam
I'm waiting for new war in middle East Kurds vs turkey and Iraq. Islam sucks.
Communism cures the incurable disease - death.
Knot Gord
ROFL Turkey committed some of the worst genocide and atrocities in world history. They are not in a position to point fingers.
Jean Astley
Where are Pakistani guys? Why not protest and try help him.
Sad. They should learn to make bombs to be jihads and having 72 virgins in afterlife.
But now they get forced to learn skills and earn money to support family.
Evil Communists!
Dennis Shih
cough *Kurds* cough
Muhammad Ahmad
History is witness to the fact that any country that suppresses muslims has been destroyed by the wrath of Allah. Many a times it so happens that muslims who were not very strict in following Islam, have become staunch followers of Islamic teachings. Ex: russia and bosnia. May Allah protect the muslims in china. Erdogan is the only true muslim leader, rest are all hipocrites..
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