Turkey speaks up against China's 🇨🇳 Uighurs: Nowhere To Call 2 days ago   06:02

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A video has been released after reports emerged of Uighur singer Abdurehim Heyit's death in a Chinese internment camp. It purports to show Heyit alive, but in prison. Prisons have sprung up across north-west China, housing more than one million Muslims in what China has called "re-education camps." The reported death of Heyit has now prompted the first rebuke from a Muslim-majority nation. Turkey called the "re-introduction of interment camps in the 21st century – a great shame for humanity" and asked China to "close the internment camps."
Reports of the death of Heyit however, prompted for the first time, a rebuke from a majority Muslim nation, Turkey. It called the ‘re-introduction of interment camps in the 21st century – a great shame for humanity’ and asked China to ‘close the internment camps’.
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Joshua Noble
This is like watching a serial killer rebuke a cannibal for animal cruelty. Strange days indeed.
J Whiskers
All that anger all that yelling now auntie, isnt it own medicine from islamic terror fellows? Poor innocent lot. Take my blessing. I m sure there are lots just treasure the middle east culture and live peacefully. I m guessing china s trying to take a card first before IS s move. I mean it s bound to have those stupid islamic terror mixed in the population by now and they might have a at least references. Cutting facial hair must be trying to identify as much as. They are just nothing but protecting their own kind. They are like laughing at the whole world how easy people taken news as shallow as they see. People hardly even digest. I mean talk about if they do a sherlock. I mean take my blessing Ur people. At the same time you take all that energy yelling at china, I think all the middle east people oughta have a word with those still stupid organising IS activities just finally stop and live a little. Thats what costing all the other middle east descendants suffer around the world.
Frank Lord
China should send the one million trainees to western countries for trainings. After graduation or getting certificates then allow them return to China. We western countries should have the courage to demand this arrangement, so that we can show the world that we are responsible nations, and we care more for human right.
Edgar Edgar
Xinjiang remains vital and important in Turkey's geopolitical ambition to revive a pan-turkic empire across the Eurasian steppes. Turkey is unlikely to cease and desist in supporting separatist and terrorist elements in Xinjiang. Add to that, the US has also been training and funding Uyghur mujahedeens in Afghanistan with the aim of deploying them back to infiltrate China and wreak havoc in China from within, a Charlie Wilson's War of sorts. Japan has also taken in some so-called Uyghur refugees in Hokkaido who turned out to be terrorists. China has to watch out.
joking, if strickly abide by law, those sillies would be all round up into the prison...why china is taking different approach is to give those young and naive a second chance...
sheckler hodgdon
Nailed it😀😀
Why do Turks want to invade Xinjiang, China?
James Lee
1. all Chinese want minority group identity (including Chinese Uighur and Tibetan) as it has special privilege in terms of social care and education . If you really do want to find out what happened, instead of asked those selected liars, just ask any random passenger on a Chinese street. Very unlucky, we are just Han Chinese who has to work hardest and has no special benefits. BTW, the most famous Chinese actress is Chinese Uighur.

2. Only 1/100 of the reported number is true and pls go to the training camp and count it yourself.

There is an explanation to only to normally minded people; as I have no need or meaning to explain a thing to those anglow whitards
Manik Syid
Obviously he was talking at gunpoint.
Eduardo Tangsang
When was the last time terrorist attack China.. Salute to the China meanwhile in Europe 💣.
i hate current turkish government. nevertheless it doesnt justify to side lies come from. china is a terrorist state, major sponsor of global terrorist organisations like taliban al shabab boko haram and maoist terrorists groups. uyghurs have been suffering under islamic and maoist terrorism come from han chinese. uyghurs are originally followers of tengrism which is very peaceful religion like hindiusm. uyghurs rejected radical islam. however the most tolerant form of sufism accepted and coexisted for centuries. after illegal invasion of uyghur lands.han chinese muslim jihadi general mu bufang orchestrated genocides against uyghurs, uyghur temples, libraries and churches destroyed. since then uygurs forced to register under chinese muslim census. they have been barred from praciticing tengrism buddhism and christianity. china is worse than isis and even anti-chinese itself. the real legit china is republic of china aka taiwan. taiwan is one of the most civilized nation in asia unlike pr china.
so call claim refuted is huge lie. uyghurs face massive torture oppression and genocides. rich muslim apparently are the main customers buy the organs of executed uyghur youth and even children.
The reporter says 1 million detained without proof.
Free East Kurdistan From Turkey!
Joes Garfield
Turkey lies. Honestly speaking, I don't believe what Uighurs said even
face to face, because I have been deceived by them. Once before there is
a time, many Uighurs sell a kind of cake over everywhere in China, Out
of curiousity, I wanted to buy some to have a try. Before I bought, they
told me the price of that cake is 10 RMB per 50g, so I decided to buy
just 250g to have a try. However, They forced me to pay more than 200RMB
to buy their cake. Several Uighurs around just came to me and
surrounded me with knife in their hand. I was frightened terribly. From
then on , I don't believe Uighurs anymore.
I am sure that CHINA treating such ways is because Salafism has spread over xinjinag
so CHINESE GOVERNMENT want to protest terrorism from them
Armchair Warrior
Kurds! Turkey should stop pointing fingers.
Abhay Achal
Western countries or Turkey can let all these good muslims live in their countries if they want, go ahead.
Turhan Yuksel
What a big crime oh my god. You can even go to a prison with this song think about people here are supporting China and its politics. These people are joke. Don't speak with these supporters , it is some kind of talk with Satan.
Turkey is not only a trouble maker but also this time is asking for trouble.
Emir Kolver
As a Turkish, Turkey is making a mistake against China. Firstly this issue should be researched in details, investigate and cooperate together with China. I think China is a respectful country but I hope China didn't do something like that or else my opinion to China will change.
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🇨🇳 Uighurs: Nowhere To Call Turkey speaks up against China's 2 days ago   26:01

"The first thing they asked me was to take off my clothes… They put me in the cell with the drug addicts and with the killers and they beat me."

Abduweli Ayup, a Uighur, alleges he was raped and tortured while in detention in China for 15 months.

His is one of a growing number of stories recounted by Uighurs fleeing their homeland, as China faces increasing criticism of its treatment of the country's Muslim population.

Experts estimate one million people are being held in detention centres in China's Xinjiang region. The government denies the claims.

Authorities say "vocational training centres" are preventing "religious extremism", educating Uighurs on the country's language and laws and providing job training.

But more than a dozen Uighurs that 101 East spoke to, who eventually fled to Turkey, speak of being held against their will, beaten, tortured and starved.

Even outside the country, Uighur Muslims say their future is far from safe.

After vowing greater economic cooperation in 2018, Turkish officials recently pledged to safeguard China's security and not allow any criticism of the country on its soil.

Uighurs say the Chinese embassy has stopped renewing their passports. Without official documents, Uighurs tell Al Jazeera, they struggle to work and live in fear that they will be deported back to China.

101 East follows the Uighurs' quest for a safe place to call home.

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