Jake Hill - I Don't Love cavetown - talk to me (lyrics) 1 year ago   03:15

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This song is the start of my addiction to Jake Josh and rap its self
your songs have actually been my only help in the 2 year period that i broke up with the girl i loved the most
Sydnee Lisa
Never heard of u but I like ur song already 🤗🎼 I went through a toxic relationship in the past I used to date this guy Matt Hartman and he treated me badly he used me, emotionally abused me, tried to push me away from my own friends, made me choose sides, he tried to break up with me 2 or 3 times but now we officially did and then after our split he randomly started talking about my deceased father behind my back like who does that? But now I know what type of person he was. I’m glad I’m not with him anymore to this day I still regret being with him everyone said I deserve better now I have someone better who doesn’t act like that toward me and who is a lot better than him so I’m happy with that, but with this song that I’m listening to now is great and has reminded me of those times and yes I hate my ex and still mad for what he has done thanks for this song
Real Battlegodkill2
I hate when your girlfriend breaks up with you and she leaves you with a broken heart 💔
I love your music carry on your passion
DJ Burgess
You know it was my friend Kristen who showed me your music and I've been listening since and every song I listen too just hits me so hard it's unreal
lil g
Hey don't worry i love you... no homo
I actually do love this song but shamless self promotion is telling me y'all should follow my insta @_nathan_929_
SpiderKing 1234
I love this song. Its a really great song 😊
Andrew AK
Because this shit deserves a video clip (sort of)
Mr. Clemmons
I read the title and said why?😣
Then I said ohhhhh that's the name I'm dumb
This song is by far one of the best songs ever. Pp hard 100
Diego Shariff
It's too good. What I really like about the lyrics is it's relatable 🔥
1mil views nice job
splavacado man
Bruh how many standoff 2 youtubers have used this song
Alex Burton
I’ll listen to sad songs bc I’ll realize I never do something right and then I realize I always do something bad
Fake Anonymous
If anyone is still listening to this, I hope that you see this. And I hope that you’re in a similar position. I just want to say, FUCK YOU LIV, you’re a piece of shit and you played me. I can’t get over the pain that you caused me. That shit caused permanent scars. I’m in a healthy relationship now, but godamn...you ruined me on a spiritual level
i hope you see this, Do something with adaliah, i know you like them. they broke up but i know if you contact them you could work something out. i know them personally
I just came out of an abusive relationship, in which my ex insulted me forced me to do things I didn't wanted and degrated me. All of this he justifiys with being a psychopath.
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cavetown - talk to me (lyrics) Jake Hill - I Don't Love 1 year ago   04:31


check out the original video: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/ZjlSfgzHdUV
robbie's instagram: @lemon.socks // https://www.instagram.com/lemon.socks/?hl=en

I'm absolutely obsessed with this song! I've been listening to Robbie's music (papa bless) for quite a while now and his new songs are SO GOOOOOD! He's such a genuine person. You can tell how passionate he is on making music and everything he's working on.

to Robbie:
hopefully your finger will heal faster before you roll off to perform on your shows! I know you're kinda stressed and nervous about it, but it'll be worth it! Too bad I can't go to any of your shows (i literally live in the other side of the world, lol). I love you so much and good luck!

to my viewers:
hopefully you don't mind me for posting this type of video, I just thought it's something different for the channel, and I'm sooo inlove with Robbie's music lately, it's my way of showing appreciation to him 💕

ask me anything in the comment section or any video ideas, it will be a great help! thank you in advance 💕

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