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Fractal Prisms For Photography...are They | 8 Easy Ways To Improve Your - At Up-Tube.com

fractal prisms for photography...are they 8 Easy Ways To Improve Your 1 day ago   13:01

Jessica Kobeissi
In this video, I review a prism product for photographers called "Fractals"! I show you each one, test them out in a photoshoot situation and let you know my final thoughts!

NOTE: This video *WAS ABSOLUTELY NOT SPONSORED* in any way shape or form. I bought this on my own because I wanted to review it.

BUY MY PHOTO COLORING PRESETS ► http://www.jessicakobeissi.com/actions-presets/

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Brandon Woelfel
“My fbi agent recommended it to me” HAHAHA
Blue Sera Films
Way too expensive for what they are. You can get a decent prism for less than £5 that'll do the exact same job, or even better.
Maria Crisafulli
Just got mine...so excited!!
Anthony PC
I always just took my lens out and held it a few centimeters away from the aperture and wiggle it around at a slight angle.
I call it lens wacking. it gave me some fun times while shooting video too. i should play with that again.
Anthony PC
:) when it doubt, speak it phonetically.
But it definitely is FRAK-təl

you can do it Jessica!
Tatyana Pavlova
Where Can I get it ?
Paige Robertson
Please put in closed captions for your videos!!
Ata Yousef
بتحكي عربي :o
Jason Bourne
So glad I came across this thread. I was looking to buy fractals from getfractals until I seen the replies here and how that site is scamming people! I heard of this product last year and the getfractals site. It was a product I never got round to purchasing but regularly visited the site to see if they had new product launches. What rang alarm bells though was the live chat icon - Mr “Wong” always seemed to be away?? When you message them it asks for your email so they/he can get back to you. It’s safe to say that if I do ever get a reply from them, they’ll be getting told where to go. Be careful where you buy this product from.
Omar47 Gaith
جيسيكا انتي عربية؟؟😍😍
Lmao wish I watched this before I bought them
Jessica!I can be your 3rd friend :)

ig: @llamaajose
Ma. Taha
Marhba 👋👋
Mario Pachon
omg you looked like Keira Knightley for a moment with the gridded lens!
Hi Jessica, I purchased this filters from official website and nikk send me ( USPS tracking no ) it been one month I didn't receive any item. can u plzz help me out with this mess. i mailed him a lot of time he didn't reply properly. where I can share my tracking detail. my name is Simranjeet Singh I am from India. Thank you in advance.
i got visual asmr when you were demo-ing the fractals in front of the lens lol
Maddison Lynch
I totally agree with you - you should get a photography glass ball
jonana j
Prisms are trash and an amateur tool used by people who only follow trends
Miraja Design
I would be so down for this! Surprised you don't have an affiliate link in the description.
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8 Easy Ways To Improve Your fractal prisms for photography...are they 1 day ago   16:49

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