Crazy Finish In 12-Year-Old 1500m 8 year old Boy Breaks 1500m record 1 year ago   07:43

Two young track athletes battle at the 2018 AAU Indoor National Championships in the 12-year-old 1500m race.


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laurie garber
That WASN'T a crazy finish. It was boring. Pa leez.
xoxo. Zoe
i cant run lmao this aches me
Donald Blackmon
That's a fight right there
Matt Lamb
That. Was. Crazy!
Rocky Racoon
Thats not 1500 meters
Murray westenskow
I think you "have to be crazy" to watch the whole thing. I forwarded and watched the last two laps.
Sir Potty
Only thing amazing about this race is when I skipped to the end and seen nothing amazing.
Internet’s Finest
Bruh that track is so dry I can’t breath whenever I run there
Misty Matthews
I thought he was making up names😂
All seriousness are they running or are they jogging lmao
These 12 year old girls are huge.... I'm only 4 feet tall. Maybe less
Abby Cadabby
I do cross country so I wouldn’t struggle at track because of distance but I hate it because it’s just round and round seeing the same stuff every single time while cross country may be lounger but there’s mud and hills and new stuff every turn , I am clueless on how people do track the 😋🤷🏼‍♀️😂
Robert Spiker
Love the story of things like this, sort movie’s
lillian Greer
2019?? or 2031???
lillian Greer
I meant to say commentator
Click bait
Reetus Feetus
This year my school had interschool where we competed against other schools and the year 9 or 10s needed an extra person, so a year 7 boy raced and beat all of them by heaps
Hannah Adhikari
Ok, everyone! It may not be a crazy finish, but you don't have to say rude things like this about us runners who are trying hard to become national champs. They did well, and they should be proud of themselves. I am proud to have met them and run against them in March 2019.
anna sir
«crazy» my 12 y/o sister ran 1500 meters twenty seconds faster than this in summer, 5:07 is fast, but far from crazy
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8 year old Boy Breaks 1500m record Crazy Finish In 12-Year-Old 1500m 1 year ago   06:13

1500m race, 8 & Under....Legend Williams, Breaks AAU National Record with a time of 5:18.14.

This kid is a twin. When he and his brother were born premature, Doctors said that he may not be able to walk or talk. This 2017 track season, his mother became gravely ill. Despite the odds against him, this little guy proved the Doctors wrong and made his mom proud by breaking the AAU national record. His twin Messiah came in 11th place. Legend also placed 3rd in the 800m race. Remember his name...Legend Williams!!! These two little guys Truly have an amazing story.