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Nfl Fan Reacts To Zlatan Ibrahimovic Impossible | The Art Of Defending (Football/ Soccer Reaction) - At Up-Tube.com

NFL Fan Reacts To ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC Impossible The Art Of Defending (FOOTBALL/ SOCCER REACTION) 8 months ago   12:49

The Kitchen Sink
Original Video: https://bit.ly/1MwEOKR

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(Pauses the video)
"I can't wait to check him up even more"
(Continues right at the 2010 Overhead kick against england)
Murad Rayes
What is nfl
Keoki Higa
Don’t think I’ve seen a player that big and strong be that technical and skillful... but dude does seem like a dick lol

Also u should check out Paul scholes or Andrea pirlo, two players that beat defenders with their brains
Check out Ajax Amsterdam this season!!
The ultimate underdog!!
Mark Thomas
Heathan please please do a video on Matt le lettiser a true premiership legend
Alejandro Rodriguez
He's zlatan, zlatan does what zlatan wants
daniel pardo
It’s ok, you didn’t butcher Zlatan’s name. Zlatan’s name Butchered you
Lukas Dafnäs
Zlatan will never be considered THE best player in the world. But he sure has hell is one of them. However he is in many peoples minds the best at creating the most insane and unique goals. This is something he can do way better than Ronaldo and Messi. The goal in the video where he did that bicycle kick from far out is perhaps the craziest goal ever scored. And he did it against England on the first game at our national stadium. Oh, did I mention he had scored three goals in that game prior to that one? And one of those three was an insane free kick? Zlatan is the king of Sweden. I still get goosebumps from that goal. I remember the day I watched it at my friends house and my friends dad came rushing down to us in shock and just said: Boys! All I say is Zlatan ... Zlatan ...
Lee Bee
Its just not 'football-slash-soccer' though, is it??? American 'football' is not even played with feet - as, of course, is the REAL game of that name! - And 'soccer' is just a silly made up old nick-name Americans seem to have cottoned onto to try to make a sport your own which absolutely just is not!!!
Stateman T
You should react to Ribery and Roberto Carlos, too! And the origin of all Dribblings: Diego Maradona!
Jojoker -
In my opinion zlatan is the Chuck Norris of football
Amit Chakraborty
You just got zlataned
Krister Karlsson
Coach says your late . Zlatan says it starts when i want to
ROAM Outdoors Activity Centre
Eden Hazard, Chelsea. A
You should see a clip where a female journalist asks Zlatan about rumours saying he was homosexual. His answer was savage.
Roger Beyeler
You don't talk about zlatan,zlatan is talking about you
luis colin
Highly recommend u check out Ronaldo from Brazil
gsus sindustries
youve heard about messi and Ronalodo? But never about Ibra? - hes been the runner up for so many years for ball d'or
F U B A R methink
Ibrahimovic doesn't have an attitude, an attitude has an Ibrahimovic
Messi: God sent me to show the world football
Ronaldo: No God sent me to show the world football
Zlatan: I didn't send them anywhere
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The Art Of Defending (FOOTBALL/ SOCCER REACTION) NFL Fan Reacts To ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC Impossible 8 months ago   06:35

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