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Today I answer your Q's surrounding my recent move to NYC along with a variety of other questions!

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Not paid! Eli David Designs gifted me a ring, but I'm not being compensated for this video.

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rebecca s
hi. pls follow Lizzy reezay
I just discovered your channel! I moved to the city and didn't know anyone and have used Bumble BFF to make friends. I have found some awesome girlfriends from it! Could be something to try. It's hard to make friends as an adult, I have my work friends, but I needed something else. Just thought I'd share. Love your videos!
check out the app “noonlight” for walking alone. way safer than being on the phone. you hold a button on your phone and if you release it without putting in your special code it sends the police to you location automatically for only $2.99 a month! i lived in new orleans alone for the summer and i loved it!
damn wish the brand was Vegan
Aron Aronite
I'd love to listen to your podcast. you have such good advice and you're such a good role model.
Pedo phile Muhammad
You should try halal beer. It will purify your mind.
Yuan Q.
Ok yes yes yes do a podcast!!
Hey Katy, I live in new york but have been having a hard time feeling alone... I admire that you are able to just do you and be so content! Do you have some advice for me? or some places you would recommend me spend some time at
adriana m
What about a what I keep in my bag for work ? ☺️☺️ working girls waiting for it!!’
Katelyn Paugh
Podcast yes!!
I love you so much Katy. I’ve been watching you for over 4 years and you have grown as a person but continue to stay true to yourself and stay humble. Your so real and relatable and honest and fashionable! And creative omg! Your success has motivated me as a fellow vlogger as well as a communications/public relations major. I remember watching you what’s in my bag video when you were a freshman in college and because of you I went out and got my first long champ bag. Keep up the good work. So proud of you!
Victoria Torres
Hi Katy! What program do you use to get the text overlays this way on your videos? Also if anyone else knows that would be super helpful!!
Alessandra Santamaría
A boy that you are casually dating gave you ROSES?! damn.
Shelby K
Please make a podcast!!!! I’m a junior in college and have been following you for a couple of years now and love you so much.
Voting for a podcast 😊
Amanda Wynsma
Yessss please make a podcast!!!!
Caitlin C.
as i was watching the beginning i was like “i need her to do podcasts i need that” then you OFFERED IT. YES PLZ
Jackie K
Please please make podcasts!!!!
Marisa Elle
I love Hinge!! But they were just recently bought by Tinder, so they've been implementing some annoying changes :/
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FEELING UGLY | hellokaty How I've been. 1 day ago   10:58

HEY LOVES! Hope you enjoyed :)

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+ Final Cut Pro X
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