US and Mexico reach deal on immigration Hong Kong protesters demand 2 days ago   04:39

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The United States and Mexico have reached a deal to crack down on migration from Central America. The White House threatened to slap tariffs on Mexico if it failed to stop record numbers of migrants from traveling through the country to the US Border. But the deal appears to fall short of a key US demand that Mexico accept a designation of "safe third country" that would have forced it to permanently take in most Central American asylum seekers.

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lawrence jackson
And the wall will work they just dont want it too more troops will stop them with the help of a wall because tjey know they cant beat it or troops. Lets do it
bayani delacruz
Viva Mexico sent more people pls
Roberto Augusto Gómez Loenzo
It is a matter of time before smugglers move people by boat from Central America to Florida.
Anna Hardina
WHAT about what Mexico citizens want??
TK Baha
Mexican will honour the deal?
I WISH THE GOVT would stop trying to BS the public.
wy y
haha desperate to get something for reelection? failed in china trade deal? can only squeeze on weaker country now ? seems like ur muscles are fake mr tough guy....
Bulat K
DW please help the people of Kazakhstan , please... SOS
Cesar Varela
Trump is Fool he do not have the right to threaten mexico when Trump ordered Guaido to offer asylum to all the central Americas and asked to arrive at the north of Mexico border and wait for asylum meanwhile Trump was voting for his immigration bill and using the carabans to make the Americas people believe that the border is necessary
Wayne E Draper
The art of the scam. Thats going to a bust!
Wyo Dragon
In three months’ time, Trump will pull out of the agreement and will impose a 5% tariff on all Mexican products that will gradually increase to 25%.
Eric Texley mean Mexico had already agreed to help us with this issue? Then why does Trump paint it as a win?
la mexicana
Seriously nothing will prevent Mexicans from entering the United States illegally !More tariffs or not !
derek starkjr
Mexico is paying for there part in allowing such Turmoil on America and now what price will Congress people who participated in a American Presidential coup? If plotting 2 overthrow a sitting president over a known illegal Charge , then keep at it ? 2Q, Aloha.
Gordon Adams
It's written elsewhere and this shows the truth. The Mexican tariffs were a red herring to take attention from the Mueller news conference. Just look at the timing.
The cause of all migration is capitalism, aka wage slavery which is slavery! Every person should have a Guaranteed Residual Income, and work part time 20 or 10 hours a week! Unequal wealth started thousands of years ago and couldn't be changed. But now we have computers, and most money is just numbers in computers so we could, if we wanted, eliminate money, and we should to end the border problems, but we won't. So don't buy anything because you're giving your money to rich capitalists who let millions starve. And look for a Guaranteed Residual Income.
Ghum Gwuie
I don't know why Mexican are leaving their own country??
Pamela Homeyer
We have sent Millions to Mexico and they have not performed before why should I believe that they will do it now? There is too much money in it for Mexico as the 11 million Mexicans here illegally are sending money home
Ebuka Amailo
What Europe could not do trump did with wisdom... That's why trump is the best president.. he'sa man of his word...
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Hong Kong protesters demand US and Mexico reach deal on immigration 2 days ago   04:26

Protesters are again rallying in Hong Kong, this time to demand the city's pro-Beijing leader Carrie Lam step down after she bowed to pressure from huge street rallies and indefinitely delayed work on a controversial extradition bill that would allow people to be sent to mainland China for trial. But that's not enough for the protesters, who want her to withdraw the legislation completely. Not only do they want Lam to resign, they're also demanding she apologize for the police's use of potentially lethal force during clashes with protesters this week. Pro-democracy activists are planning a general strike on Monday, as fears grow over Beijing's tightening grip on the autonomous region.

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