The Decline of Solo...What Happened? A&W - Building a Business 11 months ago   10:45

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When we think of disposable cups, we think of Solo. It hasn't exactly been one of the big headlines but there's been quite a bit happening to the company, and really all of the cup industry.


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Laquinton Wagner
Omg i remember that white cup with the blue print design.
I miss those.
Organic Soul Gumbo
I hope Gina has something left to show for it...
Am I the only one who never knew this was a actual brand?
They bought out and closed Sweetheart/Maryland cup in my hometown. It was the one company that held that area together. Now there's another shopping center in its place. Sad to see.
Branton bdb
The Decline of Solo: a Star Wars story
bely silva
Am a forklift driver for a company here in CA & one account I work for it’s SOLO LUGGAGE 🧳
ITS A REAL NICE brand for backpacks 🎒
& travel cases or briefcases 💼 I thought
It was my account u scared me for a minute 😛
The Dixie Cup.
I knew Solo was in trouble, but I didn't know why. I was surprised at the time, as I knew the economy was down but the brand seemed to still be really strong. Now I know, thank you. I'm glad they are still around.
Kathleen Fleming
I was curious as to what impact, if any, the eco friendly products, like stainless steel hydro bottles have had on the demand for the red Solo cups. Thank you.
Linda Mueller
What about Dixi cups ?
Fabio Signori
American Pie.
@2:49, the second "o" has the silhouette. @2:51, the second "o" has the silhouette not the first one.
sean watts
E40 has a song called red cup. In the music video they all have red solo cups lol
Señor Ham
I actually clicked on this because I work there. You really did get pretty much everything you talked about right. After acquiring sweetheart and the subsequent mismanagement and stock market crash Solo actually defaulted on alot of what they borrowed. Due to this they quit buying machines that were already horribly outdated, skimped heavily on everything from paper quality, to highering unqualified (and thus cheaper) employees, and stagnating wages. Solo then lost their core, McDonald's and Starbucks, due to quality issues. Just horrible management and decision making all the way around...
SweetPeach Bellini
Are you sure that Toby Keith's idiotic song didn't have anything to do with their decline? I don't know about you, but when I am (to quote the song "preparing to party"), I love my "cup" to be a large stemless wine glass. People can say that when there's partying, breakage inevitably follows. I have to ask: "Wth is wrong with you? Are you twelve?"
James Dixon
If Toby Keith is making a song about red solo cups, that's more of an indication of just just how dumb country music can get. Not cup popularity.
Phoenix Cat
I heard a filmmaker in a feature talking about how they used red Solo cups for scenes depicting underage drinking, especially on television since you can't can't explicitly show it. Is it possible that this is why it was actually used for parties? Is it possible this association is why it declined?
Brett Cooper
I guess I'm in the minority because I've heard of Dart container company. Maybe that's just because I've been in retail my entire adult life.
JJ Parker
Our machine shop still has old, old boxes of the "jazz" design. We use them for bolts or mixing epoxies in the wood shop. Lol. I always take some home and use them at parties and idk why, but everyone loses their shit when they see the classic jazz cup.
Yahli Levi
In Europe there are white
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