Modern jazz gypsy music Hip Hop ' Funk ' Jazz - Ours Samplus 1 day ago   46:16

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Tlcfl Vaqbarfvn
Sherlock be like
Naan Tevz
it's the little things in life that keep you going such as listening to good music
Gur Erny EbpxWhyr
I love this style of music!
Да ладно ! Русских нет на этой полянке ? Не Reinhardt конечно ...Но тоже хорошо получилось !
iynq nqevna
this is not gypsy music in a hundred million years .
Beautiful, but not "Gypsy" Jazz, less violin more accordion. Try David Weiss / Gypsy Keys, for authentic "Gypsy" Jazz played by authentic German Sinti.
Neivaq Znyyln
love it!
ryz ky
it seems this is city of Istanbul.
Q.x. Nzorqxnevgr
Ambedkarwadi is great Ideology for Gypsies
Q.x. Nzorqxnevgr
we are looking for you
Gypsies are Dalit of Hungary country
R. Zvpunry
On the next Arrested Development........
zvxr kbtuby
cool and pleasing music
Xriva Pbayba
This music makes my body move. Oh joy, joy, joy!!!
Yrlyn qnzrgf
Very good guys
fngevn evsnv
This brightened my day :-)
Znevn Eravnz
This is amazing! I'll bring this to my workplace , listen to it, to keep my cool all day long.
The beginning reminds me of that song from the Triplets of Belleville...
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Hip Hop ' Funk ' Jazz - Ours Samplus Modern jazz gypsy music 1 day ago   54:29

Well if you like Gramatik , ProleteR , Parov Stelar .. this music is for you ! Ours Samplus is an amazing producer from France , making trip-hop , jazzy hip-hop and electro swing


00:00 Ours Samplus - Spell On You
04:00 Ours Samplus - Like The Sunshine
08:25 Ours Samplus - Le Parjure
12:00 Ours Samplus - Deep Inside
15:03 Ours Samplus - Trouble
18:22 Ours Samplus - Le Bouton De Manchette
21:10 Ours Samplus - Rainman
23:50 Ours Samplus - Capture Ioiseau
26:28 Ours Samplus - Smile
29:21 Ours Samplus - Sweet Cans
32:00 Ours Samplus - Swingapour
34:29 Ours Samplus - Walk With Me
38:00 Ours Samplus - Fastajazz
41:22 Ours Samplus - Lonely Town
43:51 Ours Samplus - Softly
47:02 Ours Samplus - Joe Black
50:12 Ours Samplus - Alamo

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