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Modern Jazz Gypsy Music | Cafe De Anatolia - Best Of 2017 - At Up-Tube.com

Modern jazz gypsy music Cafe De Anatolia - Best of 2017 3 months ago   46:16

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Comments 587 Comments

I'm scared this is Article 13 relevant
Why does the beginning sound like a BuzzFeed video? ...just me..?...ok..
Maximiliano palma
This men are so talented that they don't even have to move to play the instruments
clora sho
I would definitely play this while having a nice dinner Awsome sounds. I love it.🍷🍺💞❤🎸💄😊🎸🎹
Popa Cristea
Thank you . Lovely music.
Eduardo Jimenez
Eduardo Jimenez
Gastón Alejandro Boronski
So nice music. I hear It while I'm studyng.
Andressa Bufulin
Soooo glad I found this channel. I LOVE this music. It's so Happy! ! ! 9-)
Eduardo Jimenez
Dragos Clinciu
Nice. Chillin`
Nema Tode
is that justin timerlake ?
valeria cancino
Alguien sabe el nombre de la canción del minuto 29:40 ?
Loya's Cleaning Services LLC
Great music but in the picture is missing the hearth of the band, the Gypsy guitarist that’s what it makes this music very special.
павел ходкевич
Пусто но
о наше
Robert Herin
N 'Hesitez pas à aller sur ma chaine vous allez aimer
Nick Maille
I see a clarinet in the picture. Who knows there may be hope for clarinetist everywhere
ArchEnema 67
Klezmer Bossa Nova! Who knew?
Mariana Hopkin
Lovely music but hasn't got anything to do with romanian and gipsy music because i am romanian and this it's not romanian gipsy music at all!
But it's nice music altough!
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Cafe De Anatolia - Best of 2017 Modern jazz gypsy music 3 months ago   1:28:56

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