OUT of the FOG Landings at Sydney | A380 B747 5 months ago   10:47

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Welcome to another video! This video features some morning landings in Sydney in the middle of summer. It certainly doesn't look it however the morning lended it self to wonderful condensation effects. Enjoy the video!

Aircraft Information
0:10 - Qantas A380 from Hong Kong QF 128
0:44 - British Airways B777 from Singapore BA 15
1:30 - Thai Airways B747 from Bangkok TG 475
2:10 - China Southern A330 from Shenzhen CZ 3071
3:05 - Etihad Airways A380 from Abu Dhabi EY 450
3:52 - Jetstar B787-8 from Denpasar JQ 38
4:28 - Korean Air A380 from Seoul KE 121
6:23 - Emirates A380 from Dubai EK 412
7:05 - Qantas A330 from Bangkok QF 24
7:43 - Garuda Indonesia A330 from Denpasar GA 714
8:13 - Cathay Pacific A330 from Hong Kong CX 111
8:42 - Singapore Airlines A380 from Singapore SQ 221
9:22 - Capital Airlines A330 from Qingdao JD 479
10:00 - Asiana Airlines A380 from Seoul OZ 601

Location: Sydney Airport
Camera: Sony AX100


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Hashem Nader
I believe that the A380’s landed smoother than the other planes
Muy lento el video!!! Pero buenos aviones
Very few Boeing planes. I think I saw 2 747s and then it was Airbus A380s and A330s pretty much. If you like A380s Sydney is the place to be.
Wolff Kraeng
Garuda Indonesia
Vhnnxy y
From which spot did you film? Amazing view!
Shefa Aadhi
Love emirates
7:43 Garuda Indonesia A330 from Denpasar GA 714 landing at sydney from Indonesia to the world
Channel dangdut Populer
pilotnya hebat2 semua
eromadrol eromadrol
Beautiful video ! Thanks for sharing !
cristina llano
Que belleza de aterrizajes y el efecto en las alas hermoso,
Etihad qantas thay British the best 😍
Alankar Mukherjee
Great stuff bro....
upasna sharma
That Qantas was butter
Th3kwaiia Potato
I like airplanes
Bahrul Ulum Abdul Wafi
Garuda Indonesia ❤💜😍
Fantastic video!!
UKdaddy Dave
It still amazes me how these beasts fly so elegantly through the sky. Great video
Just fantastic
E Mar
What a sight... 👌😀 loving it!
Paul Lamb
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OUT of the FOG Landings at Sydney | A380 B747 5 months ago   02:19