YI 4K PLUS @ 4K 30fps, Gyro On, Hand DJI Osmo Hands-on Review (4K) 1 day ago   03:37

Firmware Version 1.2.17 as I received it. This is straight from camera, no post editing involved. 4K 30fps. Hand held, Gyro On, Distortion correction on, mic low, Sharpness Med, and Quality of picture at Super fine. There's a newer firmware version available, I'll try it out later. Hope this helps.

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DJI Osmo Hands-on Review (4K) YI 4K PLUS @ 4K 30fps, Gyro On, Hand 1 day ago   06:45

A test of DJI's 4K handheld gimbal stick thing (http://bit.ly/DJIOSmo) on a Segway.

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