Three Challenges General Motors Ford Ranger vs Toyota Tacoma 2 days ago   03:35

Wall Street Journal
General Motors reported fourth-quarter earnings on Wednesday that beat analyst expectations, but saw its operating profit slip. WSJ’s Lee Hawkins outlines three challenges facing the auto maker in the year ahead. Photo: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

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Milford Civic
The glut of SUV's and pickups on the roads is going to sink trade in/resale value. Plus, just think of the maintenance headaches electronic 4wd brings as they near 5 years old in the salt belts. A huge money pit. People are going to lose their shirts! But hey, you had to have your SUV so you could be like everyone else! Enjoy!
Bob Schillemore
Well They expect to sell in Canada and USA but close plants....go figure
Michael Ghiglieri
Mary Bara is terrible and short sighted.... she is running that company into the ground
Jason Littlefield
I wish Garbage Motors would die
Don Quixote
Don't worry, if your gm vehicle is still in warranty you can count on your local dealership technican to fix it for peanuts while the ceo makes 22,000,000$ every year.
Elton Ben Hammonds
Gee... Maybe she should refocus on building in non-union states.
Jsmes Wagner
They can't do anything...they are too expensive period..
Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia
Ford has been outdoing GM for a number of years and Ford continues to thrive with strong safe innovative autos!
Ernest Gibson
The only challenge for GM is to produce V8 engines ,this is what we want
Abel Godinez
I love my 13 Silverado. I was planning on getting one in 2020 but man they are ugly
Dylan Wilson
GM-Chevy, Fiat-Chrysler = Different names same junk. We dont want your junky vehicles.
Dave Yates
Trumptard and his allies in Congress are busy destroying the American economy, not good for new car sales.
Gator Guy
I am a long time Chevy guy . I had my 1970 chevelle SS cars and I still own my 1969 c20 -3/4 ton pick up but GM makes me sick so I bought a every day runner.. guess what .yes a ford pick up and four years now and I totally love it and no problems . I will never buy a GM vehicle again. Well as far as my 69 I’ll keep that . It’s from the good old days
Jesus H Medrano
First mistake is to have a women in power.
Mary Barra exemplifies what a self serving corporate CEO and scum bag looks like! While, 14.700 of GM's employees are unemployed or about to become unemployed and looking to make end meat, Mary Barra is sleeping pretty well with her multi-million dollar salary!
yonda ila
How dumb Honda can be to pay GM
edmund schulz jr
The problem with GM is the CEO isn’t qualified to head the company.SS retro Chevell+SS Impala+Chevy Blazer=sales.get rid of the Cruze because you have the Malibu.And make people who want a Volt pre order them.
Chris Edward
They miss Obama. No more bail outs.
Classy Gas & Diesel Teach
Over priced imports is what GM is, sad that Toyota and Honda are now more domestic and built better
Jerry Kinnin
I'm 45 yrs old. I don't see me ever buying a new truck or car. $50000 for a pickup truck that i cant haul a 4x8 sheet of plywood in with the tailgate up. Is useless to me. GM sucks.
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Ford Ranger vs Toyota Tacoma Three Challenges General Motors 2 days ago   26:55

With the Ford Ranger's return, the midsize truck segment grows more interesting. The time is right for a midsize pickup truck comparison test. We've pitted the new 2019 Ford Ranger against the established segment leaders: the Chevrolet Colorado and the Toyota Tacoma.

All three have four-wheel drive and a crew cab because that's the most popular configuration. The examples here are equipped with their popular entry-level off-road equipment: the Chevrolet Colorado Z71, the Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road and the Ford Ranger FX4. Why no Honda Ridgeline? We like it, but the Ridgeline doesn't have the basic off-road gear. It lacks a low-range transfer case, underbody clearance is marginal, and it's not offered with an off-road equipment package.

About the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado Z71
The Colorado is a solid all-around truck, and it has excellent road manners. Power comes from a 3.6-liter V6 gasoline engine, and it is bolted to a smooth-shifting eight-speed transmission. The Z71 comes with different tires and suspension tuning ― that's it. A low-hanging front airdam hampers the approach clearance, but it can be removed.

The interior is functional and logical, though the controls are a bit small. The touchscreen audio and navigation interface is easy to use, and it supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There's plenty of interior space up front, and the rear accommodations are about average. The simple back seat's folding strategy doesn't reveal much in the way of storage.

Chevrolet Colorado Review:

About the 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road
The Tacoma is a popular truck among those who actually do go off-road. (We used a 2018, but it's largely the same as the 2019.) Its chassis reflects the priority that Toyota places on off-road performance. Its suspension has the most articulation, its underbody clearance is far superior, and its off-road package has the most gear: a locking rear differential, a sophisticated terrain management system and more.

The 3.5-liter V6 and six-speed automatic can be frustrating because the engine is peaky and the transmission is reluctant to downshift. The combination offers fine throttle control off-road, but that nuance may be lost on daily drivers. Its off-road stance also makes for an odd legs-out driving position. The interior is nicely made, and some of the controls are chunky and inviting. Toyota's own in-house Entune system leaves something to be desired.

Toyota Tacoma Review:

About the 2019 Ford Ranger FX4
The Ranger dates back to 2011 in Australia and other parts of the world. The U.S. version has been modified by the addition of a turbo 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine and a 10-speed transmission. The combination generates the most torque in the segment. It also boasts class-leading fuel economy that is 2 mpg better than the other two. Ford advertises class-leading payload, but that's not true for the crew-cab 4x4, which is mid-pack.

The interior looks and feels dated, and the back seat is a one-piece affair that can't be rigged to hold cargo on one side and a person on the other. As for driving, the ride is much springier and bouncier than we ever expected. It has the off-road gear to match the Tacoma, but it doesn't work out that way. The truck's suspension articulation is atrocious, and the traction control system can't cope with simple scenarios. We had to lock the rear differential in places where it should not have been necessary.

Ford Ranger Review:
Ford Ranger Video Review:

Test Results
We expected the Ranger to do better. The bones of this truck feel older, and it appears Ford spent all of its development dollars on the engine and transmission ― which do perform well. Both its on-road ride and off-road flexibility were the worst of the bunch. The Tacoma? It's really great for weekend warriors who will venture out into the dirt, but you'd better be willing to put up with some on-road compromises.

What we weren't prepared for is how the Colorado rose to the top. It's the best daily driver because its powertrain and its suspension are easy to live with. Its interior is functional and effective, and we like its comfortable driving position. The surprise came off-road. Removing the airdam is annoying, but once we did we found good suspension articulation and a willing traction control system. This truck is the one to get for a balanced mix of on-road civility and off-highway capability.

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