I Am The Future (A Conor McGregor Film) Conor McGregor: It was all a Dream (2017) 1 year ago   39:00

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"I'm The F*cking Future" Video shot by Mark Tiernan

Special Thanks to Mike Fight!

Beginning where "There Is Only One" left off, Conor McGregor looks to unify the Featherweight title against Jose Aldo. New faces soon emerge...

So Silent (Instrumental) - Zack Hemsey
Helix - Hi-Finesse
Radius – Hi-Finesse
Graven Image – Zack Hemsey
Kings – Ryan Taubert
I'm Gonna Do My Thing - Royal Deluxe
Martyr - Liquid Cinema
El Chapo – The Game & Skrillex
Teachings Of A Ronin (Instrumental) – Zack Hemsey
Ambitionz az a ridah – 2Pac
Salud – Dave Porter
Don't Make Enemies With Me Part 2 - 2Pac ft. Outlawz
Axis – Hi-Finesse
If I Had A Heart - Fever Ray
Demon Inside – Dansonn
Light It Up Now – Philip Hochstrate
Quantam- Hi-Finesse
Hate- The Hit House
Parking Garage Standoff - Dave Porter
Hypnotize - Notorious B.I.G.
How You Like Me Now - The Heavy

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he is not the same man. too bad the money got to his head. I hope he gets his throne back and shuts up all the haters and carries the two belts once again.
karel lerak
Little dick conor😂😂
ścienty fan
15:50 strach mcgregora
Di Dominus
Now he is the past.
WWE Fan Buddy Murphy
It's still insane how he called that Aldo fight so early on. Mystic Mac in full effect = 2:35
love mcgreggor if what he said at the end of the fight he really believed when did he keep striking when opponent was down he should have jus walked away... he dont even believe his own bullshit
gabbi gabbi
i always watch this to feel motivated and start another day at the camp 👊 respect champ champ
Uda Udabest
This was a great film. Well made good substance and kept my attention throughout. Keep up the good work
Abishek Limbu
My idol always smile

Love you Conor
ladziaklPL 《》
That guy should back!!! Bigger bastard in UFC, best from Poland
So close to 10 mil views. Wow 🔥
What a pretentious title. I was glad to watch Conor be outboxed by Nate Diaz, then Mayweather(even tho Floyd is a serious scumbag also) and smashed by Khabib. I hope Conor faces Khabib again and gets smashed again. Especially after he punched out a 70 year old man among all the other dumb shit he's done. He is the past.
How ironic he’s the past now.
Danjel M
No1 will ever take Conors place, NO1
Danjel M
This is the old Conor we know, not the new one vs Khabib.....
Qasim Awan
Now finally khabib finished Conor career forever
Marcel ConorMcGregor7
Very good Movie❤️ Good edit👍🏻 Work on🇮🇪💚
every1 was cheering&rooting for him when he was on top of his game,but once he lost composure of his mentality and action you got up on him hard.When some1 like this blows up ,the majority of ppl worships him and when he goes down to his knees i belive the same majority shits on him.Why didn't you judge him when he was fucking with jose aldo's mentality in an inhumane way for example back in 2015,because he was the king back then.So basically the watching community can overlook alot of things if a person has certain qualities but on the other hand u can act like judges afterwards..pathetic.Imo the mentality of the fans who watch the sport & the actions that ppl like Connor Mcgregor are performing and the lenghts of insanity that they'r pushing just to entertain their audience are pretty connected.
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Conor McGregor: It was all a Dream (2017) I Am The Future (A Conor McGregor Film) 1 year ago   04:05

Put together my take on the most sensational fighter of our generation, beginning with his 2008 interview with Dean Kelly until today. Enjoy!

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