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Jamaica In The 1930S | Haile Selassie - April 21-1966 - At Up-Tube.com

Jamaica in the 1930s HAILE SELASSIE - April 21-1966 5 months ago   09:01

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The narrative of all social media of this age was extremely racist within their oratory, insinuations and rhetoric. The propaganda machine was conducted with military precision against people of colour and whomever was seen to be the enemy of the day, Indian, Japanese, communists etc both Hollywood and the press were tools of shaping public perception but none was seen as the enemy more that people of African decent, black, Moorish or indigenous in any way to a land invaded by Europeans, this is their standard M.O
Daniëlle Coolen
No matter your location otherwise where you were positioned geographically by the so called colonial master so long you are have a black skin, you are an African.
Christopher Drummond
Jamaica in this time was more peaceful clean mannersable and hormony
fresh style'z
Look at what we do to animals now 😢😢 no crime no police politician piece & hormoney
Bob Stephen
it was hard times. Most people died  normal cold.
Dewnette Reid
If i can remember clearly the song mash them one by one mash dem two by too. All the commentator seem prejudice ro me regaeding some of his cynical remarks calling us Negros. These types of videos makes me more angry all the time
godfrey shepherd
Can imagine my great great great great grandfather back in those days how they use to work hard to make ends meet and look at use now disrespect each other and killing our slef shame on us Jamaica is really coming from for these are the things we must teach our kids about Jamaica land we love
Michelle Samuels
Lovely Jamaica. Jamaican heritage. Born in London. Lived in Kent.
MaGoG MaRsMaN Tugorma
Very Classy and proud people back then, and Still. 🖒👏👌💪👊
MaGoG MaRsMaN Tugorma
Did the hammer, just hit the baby on the leg?
Tim Johns
HD Keemii
my grandparents were born in this decade, rip.. it looks wonderful
mergirl2000 Dunne
That statue of Victoria is a statue of colonialism
Lubabalo Mahlombe
He truly is a devil.
Jago Shagadilic
I wonder how much more historical video footages they really have!, documenting black descendants/survivors of slavery, slavery it self and other cultural, social developments we had and the atrocities committed by the oppressors also. Videos like these are clearly filmed for entertainment purposes and narrated in a condescending manner! 🕵🏾
tanny morrison
I wonder with tears in my eyes,who in this film was a relative of mine,I LOVE MY HERITAGE🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Afro Revolution
I swear it's like people wanna go back to these times...... These were times with lack of knowledge holy crap wake up people....
Afri Media
Jamaicans should embrace Africa ! That is their origins! It’s the only way to gloss over the painful period of white condescension , colonisation and enslavement ! One unity Black people!
Everybody in this video is dead
Joan McCalla
Very interesting, I've always wanted to see what Jamaica looked like back then.
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HAILE SELASSIE - April 21-1966 Jamaica in the 1930s 5 months ago   21:15


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