Dale Earnhardt Jr. Takes on Charles Dale Earnhardt Jr. Obsession Feature 2 days ago   05:53

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Butch Griggs
i predict Chuck has no chance.
Morgan time
Charles Irish go karts and I'm just a and I'm going 60 miles an hour like 50 through turns
Kevin Queen
Lap 2 to lap five interesting. This is fake news
I would give anything to race go-karts with a Nascar driver, especially Jr
I believe you have my stapler
horrible job by Barkley. stick to retirement fatfuck
Mark Adams
I think dale is a cool guy and super nice
Michael LaMere
I wanna see dale earnhardt jr
Tommy Hoffarth
I want to meet dale Earnhardt jr
Jake Roth
Sure would be nicer to see a better helmet cam used.
I named my dog after Charles Barkley, no he was not black.  He sauntered just like Charles, so sad he passed away at 13 last month.
Charles Barkley must have gone alot slower because of his weight
Dale had some churros in his pocket for the 2nd race. 
Jacob Davis
Dale Jr. cut off 5:05
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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Obsession Feature Dale Earnhardt Jr. Takes on Charles 2 days ago   03:27

Ryan Newman, Martin Truex Jr and other drivers comment on why they think the fans are obsessed with the son of Legend Dale Earnhardt.