GINGY HAS A BABY! (A Lazarbeam Story) ROBLOX CHILL SIMULATOR 3 weeks ago   11:11

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Crackshot chases Gingy around but Merry Marauder escapes in the knick of time. He finds another gingy, a girl gingy...she's being attacked by the evil Krampus. Ginger Gunner yells for help and Merry Marauder arrives. Gingy saves her from Krampus and they celebrate by immediately getting married and moving to the suburbs. In Pleasant Park, Gingy goes out to get the newspaper and some dang kids are on his lawn. it's Steve and Rachael5. They throw snowballs at him and he gives them the ol Gingy 1-2. Inside, Ginger Gunner tells Merry Marauder that she is having a gingy baby. A baby gingy?! How could it be! The baby gingerbread backbling is born through the means of conventional oven. He's introduced to his new family. Gingy takes the baby on a payback mission to take down Crackshot. Crackshot has his house blown up by the boom box. Pretty much the end.

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NewScapePro 3 - Fortnite Shorts, Films & Skits!
Couple things to those commenting. Thought it was obvious enough but shocker: It's not actually Lazarbeam! lol It's just a bad impression. We are aware it's bad and make fun of it during the video too. It's just a story we made up about Lazarbeam. Try not to take it too seriously haha! For those who enjoyed, thanks for liking and sharing! We appreciate the support
Hi stream Hi
Roses Are red violets are blue I wish this was click bait and so do u you
Code lazarbeam
Dong Halili
Is it me or does the baby gingerbread sound like “RackaRacka” Ronald McDonald
Not so average Youtuber
His accent is wrong it’s fuck off cunt not neeeeh
Luke and Tommy's channel
Born 15 seconds ago and already smokin
Ash Jager Main
5:31 is the only good part of this video
gg Good game
This is amazing 😉
that impression of lazerbeam was shit
Eggplant Sandwich
Rasmus Veng Pedersen
Ian Eddleman
poor lazarbeam has to go through this CRINGE
Elijah Singleton
Frankie: Dad, haven't ya heard? Gingies are back in the iten shop!
Merry Marauder: CROICKEY, WOT?!?!?!?
severe thunder storm
7:34 it would be funny if he said hello mother fucker
CandyCane _
Oh no
matteo ravelas
Doesnt sound like lazarbeam i hate it

Would never be like lazarbeam and will never happen and will never sound like him
They saw Lazarbeam They watched his videos about fortnite
MrCreazy Crimy
One word..

This is cringy
Lazarbeam is the complete opposite of a funny youtuber
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ROBLOX CHILL SIMULATOR GINGY HAS A BABY! (A Lazarbeam Story) 3 weeks ago   17:52

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today I play Roblox's new up and coming viral simulator called Chill Simulator which is a roblox simulator game where you turn the roblox world into a CHILL one...