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Sam Harris is a neuroscientist and author of the New York Times bestsellers, The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, and The Moral Landscape. His podcast called “Making Sense” is available on iTunes & Stitcher.

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Goldfish I
Despite the fact that Joe doesn’t read this, I’ve said some shitty things directed at you over the years and I want to say that I apologize for almost all of it.
Norrin Radd
it isnt only alt right sam arent an honest tool....or a worn out useful tool.....i am not white but i can smell a useless tool when it is dipped in bullshit.
Fredo Marinela
I will love to see Morgan Freeman on his show
Jefferson Andrade
Facespick lmao
Swap 26
1:05:03 you cant distinguish if that's a laugh of 15 year old girl or joe rogan
Joe stop putting the guessed chair down like that so they look like little people next to you lol.
PR Collesano
I'm sorry, but Sam Harris is boring as fuck. Good Lord. The dragging monotone diatribes. Sheesh. Sorry.
J. K.
I wonder why Rogan removed this conversation from his podcast. Anybody?
Gavinda Bishinda
Sam I don’t think podcasts should be free Harris.
Daniel Night
Harris is overhyped in my opinion. He isn't really insightful, nor that impressive as a thinker. Just hype. Just another intelectual.
Zachary Hlavinka
We need to replace our Declaration of Independence with a new Declaration of INTERdependence.
Spur of the Moment Media
Watching this podcast and all the talk about monetizing and facebook vs Netflix, etc.

They talked about how fair or unfair it is that people want content for free. All I can think about is the current state of the music industry. I see almost zero value placed on music anymore, and a strong slew of time spent learning an instrument, creating the music, spending money on gear and recording, vs the $$ made selling it.
Slavoj Zizek on #ZizekonJRE #JRE
Tyler Johnson
Yeah, let's put some corporate elite centrist up against Donald Trump. Because that worked so well in 2016 LOL
Anyone who says Democrats need a centrist to win is a total moron.
No Democrat is for open borders and Sam has exaggerated other things about dems
Derik Goodman
Don’t let Joe Rogan for you people. Watch more ad start popping up on his podcasts. Mark my words. Let’s see what Joe does when he hits hard times
Zach White
Sam Harris is clearly a "Blue Team" member. Joe I know you say you don't read these, but I hope you relapse on that principle to read this...Be careful with Sam Harris....I've not only met people, but I have directly worked with people who have similar power and influence as Sam does. What they do is create an illusion around their true self with the goal of using basic reason to reel you in to their maniacal and borderline psychotic points of view. To suggest that humans are incapable of free will is clearly a pessimistic, if not nihilistic POV. If one is to call themselves an "intellect", there should be no room for hopeless ideas/ideals in said "club". Once we believe we're powerless, or believe we have no control....the first thing we naturally do as humans is look to those who appear to have control...Sam Harris happens to be one of those people. And in this interview, he clearly states that he is on the Blue Team. I remember a day Joe, when you understood the frivolity of Red Team/Blue Team. I hope you remember that day, too. I've been a fan since you were on AM radio in by proxy, although I don't know you, I love you brother...Be careful with Sam Harris.
Mike Pflanzer
I only watch these on YouTube but I'd definitely get the app for money every month. That would be awesome.
Try to get Camille Paglia, Dr. George Church, Craig Venter or Richard Dawkins on the show.
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