Halsey - Without Me DJ Snake - Taki Taki ft. Selena 3 weeks ago   03:57

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Music video by Halsey performing Without Me. © 2018 Capitol Records, LLC


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Fcku qS1mple
Look like a wanna be pink
Katrina 123
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Elite Slayer
Like if you’re listening using Beats Headphones 🎧🎵🔥
Celestine Yanney
Love the song: thumbs up 👍🏾🤗
Shantanu Singh dhiman
This is fu@#ing beautiful 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘😘
It deserve 1B views 🙌🙌👍👍💪
Merrose m
When there's an ad of Halsey singing without me..
Before this..
Etienne None
I thought the video was just acting. Seems not
Laris Mebane
so good,i can't let go
Aljwhara Abdulaziz.
My baby💔💔.
Iris Adams
A beautiful BIRACIAL chick making it big. You go, girl.
在廣播聽到 來這朝聖 超好聽 一聽就上癮
Mariana Cabrera
I got to see her perform at the summer bash and she’s super talented doesn’t need auto tune at all🙌🏼❤️
It's for g-eazy
Life Sick
Who love this song before the video clip ?
Who is Halsey 😯
Justin Poveda
When I heard this song in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, I couldn't believe the kind of voice that she has😍
Salma IGOT7
Trying to get it off from my mind
I’m a Banditø that cut its lip sipping on chlorine
Fuck I cried over a music video
ya_Fav_Pisces N
💙😇 She reminds me off Pink a LITTLE
Hernandez Family
Great song! It says it all.
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DJ Snake - Taki Taki ft. Selena Halsey - Without Me 3 weeks ago   03:52

Stream and download Taki Taki - https://djsnake.lnk.to/TakiTaki

Music video directed by Colin Tilley