In conversation with... Jodie Foster, Sir Anthony Hopkins Talks to the Students 1 day ago   36:58

Producer, director and actor Jodie Foster joins Edith Bowman to talk about her starring role as FBI agent Clarice Starling in Jonathan Demme's classic thriller, The Silence of the Lambs. Foster talks about lobbying for the part and Starling's importance as a feminist film icon.

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hans worst
Not intresthing actres
arthur kitchen
To hear Hackman dropped it due to violence is pathetic. Why would any actor not do a movie due to subject matter?? Completely moronic. If the audience doesn’t like it, it’s not like it hurts ones career.
I love listening to her. She’s so intelligent and articulate. I especially love listening to her discuss film. She’s so much more layered with depth than other actors talking about it. Michelle Pfeiffer was the Directors first choice as she acted for him in Married to the Mob and knew what she could do. She turned it down. Then they went to Meg Ryan who also turned it down. Jodie popped up after that and got it. They all would’ve been good though.
Aria Orgendorffer
To this day whenever I see her, I still think "Clarice" before I think "Jodie". It's one of my favorite performances of all time and it was great to hear her talk about the process.
The rise of Hannibal lecter
siddharth nagar
It's frustrating how sporadic she has made her acting appearances, I saw Hotel Artemis recently and I wish that film was seen more coz Jodie's performance is a treasure in it
You know actors who play interesting characters but come across vacuous in interviews? I love how Jodie Foster is the opposite of that.
IMDB says in trivia that both Shaun Connery and Gene Hackman were up for the part of Lector, she just debunked both.
That accent she is so desperately trying to hide! Pure West Virginia!
Michelle Phifer was the director's first choice.
siddharth nagar
I so want Jodie to win a 3rd Oscar or get another nomination
siddharth nagar
Nell was a giant box office hit so everyone saw it
siddharth nagar
This woman and her razor sharp intelligence
Caboco Carlos
Contact is brilliant on so many levels and for so many reasons.
It is utterly profound; and my favorite movie ever.
Jesse Cab
My top five films of all time:
1. Silence of the Lambs
2. Schindler’s List
3. Platoon
4. Prisoners
5. Mystic River
If Silence of the Lamb was an animated movie it would be Zootopia!
Katrina McIntyre
August 22, 2018: That movie represents the REALITY of this earthly realm. Do you feel safe here? HA!
Harris Assment
She's not one generation away from poor west Virginia white trash.
Kristijan Benic
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Sir Anthony Hopkins Talks to the Students In conversation with... Jodie Foster, 1 day ago   59:20

On Thursday, March 29, students at Thomas Aquinas College were treated to an hour-long question-and-answer session with a visitor who is widely considered among the world's greatest living actors, Sir Anthony Hopkins.

"I feel very privileged to be in such a place," he told the students. "I've never seen such a beautiful place in my life. It's most amazing. It's like Shangri-La!"

To learn more about Sir Anthony's visit, see:

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Thomas Aquinas College has developed a solid reputation for academic excellence in the United States and abroad. At Thomas Aquinas College, there are no majors, no minors, or electives because all students acquire a broad and fully integrated liberal education. The College offers one 4-year, classical curriculum that spans the major arts and sciences. Instead of reading textbooks, students read the original works of the greatest thinkers in Western civilization — the great books — in all the major disciplines: mathematics, natural science, literature, philosophy, and theology.

Rather than listening to lectures, they engage in rigorous Socratic discussions about these works in classes of 15-18 students. The academic life of the college is conducted under the light of the Catholic faith and flourishes within a close-knit community, supported by a vibrant spiritual life. Genuinely committed to upholding civic virtue and leading lives dedicated to the good of others, Thomas Aquinas College graduates enter a wide array of fields where they are a powerful force for good in the Church and in the culture. Well-versed in rational discourse, they become leaders in education, law, medicine, journalism, public policy, military service, and business. In addition, a steady 10% of alumni go on to the priesthood or religious life.