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Hey guys how's going ? I'm fine as usual,Today I decided to make another video about this amazing Disney live action movie :) I know I already used this song but I don't care,I thought this song really fit the movie since it's mostly from Maleficent's POV but there's a little bit of Aurora and I just don't know what to say anymore :') I'm speechless and then this song is so emotional,even though the other video wasn't that bad except the quality which is horrible and this one's much better,well what can I more say ? I'm sorry for the late but I'm currently studying and collecting a lot of CDs so this is also my first video of the month :D my next one will be about a love triangle :) I hope you like this one
I gotta thank my cousin for giving me this idea :P
Song:Because You Loved Me
Artist:Celine Dion
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محسن العباد
Tamarah23 Alejie
I want to watch this movie
Amir Shan Corres
who's here after the trailer of malefecient 2?
Nenad Popovic
Actually it was terrible... Angelina was great in her part, but changing the story that much didn't make sense at all. Showing of 3 original fairies who were part of every childhood for 50 years as 3 idiots was also quite rude. I actually wished Maleficent killed Aurora, it would be better, because a happy ending was predictable from the start. But ofc, its Disney, main reason why this movie was made is because Maleficent is their most iconic villain, she had to be turned good and money profitable
Nice movie watching from NE India manipur state
aisah barani
is maleficent mother of aurora? is there any full movie?
2028 Maximiliano Leon
Vanessa Macias
Tante Lilis
Look 1 : 17 Angi & Vivienne (her daughter), also 1 : 56 Vivienne
Euri Lou
Maleficent: I swear, no harm will come to you as long as I live. 

So excited for the next movie.
Sugar Bunny69 Janice Markett
I love this movie.. Is so reversed to the animated one and the music video was or is so touching it really moved me. Believe me I've seen monsters and some of them were amusing... No, really... I love this video... Not too crazy about the song for is the center song of another movie that was super boring 😂🤣😅 but I do like it here a bit more 😇
Katherine & Joel
I miss my daughter😶
Tata bye bye
Which movie is this ???
Gilda Minter
Angelina is so beautiful. ♥
Ferdausia Madisa
Malificent is really a kind women inspite of her appearance, but Aurora father betrayed her and that's make her furious and took her revenge. Like if I'm right
Xiner Alioues
You know in the second part they made her somehow straight forward evil, I don't know why, I mean mother daughter bond was really good and logical rather than kissed by stranger, but no they have to ruined it.i don't know why but Disney is getting darker day by day.
Wendy Barrientos
Why it looks like Jessie Mendiola portraying the character of aurora esp when she smile
bishnu khadka
A legendary angelina she is amazing actresss
انا أعشق هذا الفيلم
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Maleficent’s Full Story | Sleeping Maleficent and Aurora - Because You Loved 9 months ago   05:44

Isaac discusses Maleficent’s background and iterations to form her full story.

Sleeping Beauty:
Once Upon A Time Season 5 (With Maleficent):
Maleficent Pop! Figure:



Of course there were a variety of changes in Walt Disney’s original 1959 retelling of Sleeping Beauty, but one of their most notable changes was expanding the character of the original old woman who cursed the princess. Disney reinvented this character into who we now know as one of the greatest villains of all time: Maleficent. Through her elegant design, dramatic and flamboyant animation and unlimited arsenal of magic powers at her command, Maleficent is truly the mistress of all evil.

I post every Tuesday and Thursday, so check back then for more Disney, Pixar, Harry Potter, Star Wars and movie videos! If you have any questions about the Disney universe that you would want answered in a video, please ask away in the comment section!
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