The Professor called out by a Chicago Baller PROFESSOR VS CONMAN 1 year ago   05:31

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The Professor hosted a KFC Go-Cup Challenge in Chicago similar to the one he held in Los Angeles last summer. The difference this time was that anyone could come and be a part of the action. Feedback from the video on the comments was that the defense was staged and/or 'Hollywood'. At the very last part of the nearly 7 hour shoot The Professor played (6'4") Chicago baller 'Slick Smooth' who apparently has been trying to play (5'10") The Professor for 10 years. Coming to open runs to get on with And 1 and Ball Up over the years and doing multiple online call outs. Find out what happened....

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El Fistator
He's really bad
Eddy Jose
Fucking clown ... chicago baller idiot asshole
Guitar J
The guy should have probably waited a few more years.
machin 002
Magic man!!...professor is real??
Sebastian Mora
Slick Smooth is an idiot obviously
Евгений Власенко
Опозорил паренька на весь мир
Paul Sandoval
Thst nigga sucks sucks ass
Oh Kay
Why his defense stance look like pennywises final form
Hahahahahahahaha what an amazing noob
Gary TheGrey
Professor sideburns lol
Don’t let robot players take over
Sir Damian
Staged af
that dude is not a chicago hooper....he prolly plays in the burbs of naperville or something..
Jose Villanueva
Professor was #slicksmooth
Ricardo Paulino
Waited 10 years for what 🤔 ?? To get embarrassed dumb ass fuck know wait 100 years nigga has shit to offer worst competition ever calling out the profesor and we thought nigga was going to do something dumb wake ass nigga
This dude was really bad
Vedant Sinha
After seeing this vlog.... I just realised...

Bastian Saez Peña
1:00 name song ??
This dude sux. The professor has played a thousand guys better Than him,
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PROFESSOR VS CONMAN The Professor called out by a Chicago Baller 1 year ago   04:46

AND1 SIGNED BOTH PLAYERS THE PROFESSOR & THE CONMAN, THE PROFESSOR WAS IN FIRST AND DUE TO HIS POPULARITY CONMAN DIDNT GET THE LOOK, BUT DID AND1 MAKE A MISTAKE? both Streetball legends go at it but who come out on top?? let us know in the comments :) sub for more!

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