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The Professor Called Out By A Chicago Baller | Professor Vs Conman - At Up-Tube.com

The Professor called out by a Chicago Baller PROFESSOR VS CONMAN 10 months ago   05:31

Professor Live
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The Professor hosted a KFC Go-Cup Challenge in Chicago similar to the one he held in Los Angeles last summer. The difference this time was that anyone could come and be a part of the action. Feedback from the video on the comments was that the defense was staged and/or 'Hollywood'. At the very last part of the nearly 7 hour shoot The Professor played (6'4") Chicago baller 'Slick Smooth' who apparently has been trying to play (5'10") The Professor for 10 years. Coming to open runs to get on with And 1 and Ball Up over the years and doing multiple online call outs. Find out what happened....

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Music By: Bboy Wicket
Instagram: @bboywicket
twitter: @_bboywicket


Comments 7469 Comments

Can’t dig the dude for trying so good on him
Womack studios
Oh boy, another kid who jerks and jooks around, attempting to fake his way into an open shot. Every other move is followed by turning the ball over in order make it look like sick ball contol, but in reality thems school yard moves, That would be called as a walk in any real game. Fun to watch though, maybe you could join the globe trotters with some practice
Hussain Akbar Raja
Stacktown Legends
Dude was probably nervous. I imagine he's a better baller than he came off
Ricky Perez
I guess he practiced how to throw it off the backboard but didn't practice how to put it in the hoop😕
He seems to be trying hard not to get through his legs by The Professor .So this is why his difference is strange. Sorry, my English isn't good.
That Guy
Shave the chops you look like a faggot
He waited 10 yrs to do absolutely nothing .
Clifford Beardy
The Professor vs The Nutty Professor!!!!!
Isaiah Carter
2K speed boost unlimited
Victor Lean
It’s really a once in a life time experience for this brave man. He enjoyed
Bobby bhullar
Why professor is nt in NBA?
I'm your REAL dad.
I can hear his Pay Less shoes squeaking a mile away.
Rx Rider
In 10 years, Did he practice tryin to beat the prof or what? 😂😂😂
Jason Jeremy
4:39 shouldn't it palming?? I've seen many professor's moves that violated basketball rule. For example, dribbling above his shoulder. Maybe because he is a streetballer. (No offense).
Handling is so f*cking sick tough 👍👍👍👏👏👏
Gavyn Mitch
Stop making fun of his opponent I think he put up a pretty good fight against professor if you first him how do you think you would do
Vince T.
Crab guy was so scared of the teleport he almost looked like a lobster.
Love Xiaomi
it's a facepalm
Mike Banks
Why professor always playing bums and hasbeens.
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PROFESSOR VS CONMAN The Professor called out by a Chicago Baller 10 months ago   04:46

AND1 SIGNED BOTH PLAYERS THE PROFESSOR & THE CONMAN, THE PROFESSOR WAS IN FIRST AND DUE TO HIS POPULARITY CONMAN DIDNT GET THE LOOK, BUT DID AND1 MAKE A MISTAKE? both Streetball legends go at it but who come out on top?? let us know in the comments :) sub for more!

Sub to the professor - https://www.youtube.com/user/Professorlive

Subscribe to Tom "Conman" Connors For Amazing Streetball And Basketball Action - http://bit.ly/1rIJAg8


Tom "Con-man" Connors is considered a street basketball legend and one of the best street basketball players in the world. Not only an urban sport star throughout the globe. Tom entertains millions with his basketball skill and antics from the centre stage to the rugged street basketball courts. Conman appears in All Star and exhibition games and featured in his own TV shows worldwide. Con-man has developed an established portfolio since the beginning of his career, a fully sanctioned Sporting Champion and the face of UK basketball, a multi Guinness World Record holder with 16 basketball world records and a European street basketball champion. In various fan polls over his career "Conman" has consistently been voted in the top 5 streetball players in the world.