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Orion Pictures
The wait is over, your best friend has arrived. From the producers of IT comes Child’s Play, in theaters June 21. #ChildsPlayMovie

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Sans Undertale
Darwin Baguio
Aubrey Plaza I can't take you seriously. 😂
jojo .1998
A reboot ? 😕
Jermaine Rodgers
Chucky is back contact this summer of 2019
Finally a box office quality chucky movie !
Kricia shunti
It's not a classic and I don't like this shit. I actually like the Chucky stories. But this.... This doesn't even fit his actual story. I'll watch it but it doesn't mean I have to like it. I am a big fan of Chucky, but I can't stand everything is so computerized. Nothing is tookn seriously cus it's all fake and not taken the time to make it look realistic. Chucky was originally scary because they created a moving doll. Now it's all fake. Nothin scary. So looking at this Chucky Fuckn eyes are now big and funny. I feel sorry for the new generation where everything is so fake. Fake butt, boobs, movies, reality shows,etc...
Marian loveles .Marian need
see and share watch on channel marasoiu marian thanks and kisses to!
It's not suicide if I'm already Dead
Another trash movie
Scared Cat
cult of chucky was a disaster. But this... looks like a work of art!
oh, it from Producer It
no hassle
bout time Chucky was scary again. Did anyone see that abomination Cult of Chucky?
Sierra Ja Nelle
Damn this Andy looks grown AF. Other than that looks Chucky is definitely an upgraded doll. Which could mean even more dangerous than from our 80s and 90s childhood years. A must see for me.👍
Jesús David García Benítez
no se ya es costumbre que las películas clásicas las carguen en la actualidad con la tecnología
Braincube 013
Why did they give him hearing aids? I don’t see any reason at all.
Dangitdanger I
I which they found a younger kid though 🤷‍♂️
Aaron Okemaysim
oNlY 90s kIdS cAn ReLaTe!!
Norvin Hobbs
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Raja Pamungkas
I think i am weird BUT i never scared with Childs Play movie series, even with Chucky i am not affraid at all.
Atiqa Zaraei
i thought chucky was a doll this reboot makes him look like a robot
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NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 🎬 CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer 2 weeks ago   11:17

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