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Orion Pictures
The wait is over, your best friend has arrived. From the producers of IT comes Child’s Play, in theaters June 21. #ChildsPlayMovie

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Beth Lowery
Peak 2019. It looks so Saw/35th reboot of Halloween.
Luis Flores
I’m already looking forward to a CinemaSins video for this movie.
The killer doll is now an AI
Ahh yes, the good old "Let's make it an artificial robot type thing" because that's the easiest way to justify it all. Let'scompletely remove the original idea that a man's spirit was inside it (thus explaining why it was so evil too) and replace that with "Oh, well it's artificially intelligent you see or well, this evil guy programmed them and that's why they smirk now, lurk in shadows and only do most things at night time".

Going to be pants Skywalker.
Skywalker pants be to going.
The LazyAlgorithm
This shits gonna 💣 at the boxoffice. The Visual/fx crew fucked up Chuckie's look and now their pockets will pay heavly for that fuck up

Ahhh,sp he's mechanical this time XD
Jeremy Sitindjak
April Ludgate will probably enjoy this
Shiroyasha Yoshi
I agree with everyone who says "It's going to be a bad movie". Yes, Hollywood has been bringing back the old movies and making the remake horrible expect for IT. That movie was great! Back to what I'm saying, Hollywood should make different horror movies besides rewriting the old horror films into a whole new one. I did give up after watching Pet Sematary (2019) but, I will try this new child's play movie. Yep, it looks shit. It was changed completely yet the kills I seen in the second trailer look awesome and the voice actor for the new chucky sounds like the og. Hopefully, it will be worth it!
Isabel The Girl Groups Stan
That new chucky doll is UGLY AS *FUCK*
Teck Rylee
So he went from being a serial killer whose souls in a doll to a pissed-off Alexa
never trust a doll app that spells buddy as "buddi"
Why Chucky look like that girl from The Croods?
Adrian Castillo
Me:Buddi what time is it. Buddi: It 10:49 am.
Dominic Campbell
This looks like someone decided that the original premise of Chucky wasn't random enough, and decided to throw in bits of a Carrie/Poltergeist undertone as well.
I thought the first ten seconds were an actual ad
Mark S
Not sure if I like Chucky being a rogue AI. Though Mark Hamill doing the voice does make me interested.
IronVet Designs
Is it just me or does Aubrey Plaza look a little sexy in this film?

👍 SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED 👍...loved her in that.
Fuck Libtards
This movie is gonna be political correctness because they changed good guys to buddi 😂
Young Spider
I still can't believe they got Mark fucking Hamill aka Luke Skywalker aka The Joker to voice Chucky. This is legendary. At first I had bad thoughts and low hopes for this movie but as soon as I find out mark Hamill is Chucky, I'm now so much more happy. The new Chucky do look ugly tho. He look uglier than his son that be peeing on himself.
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