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U10 Training - Alignment | U10 Training - Foot To Foot Pressure - At Up-Tube.com

U10 training - alignment U10 training - foot to foot pressure 11 months ago   05:26

Debra Armstrong

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Lucky Goose
This guy really explained it well.
Nice Deb. Greetings from Courchevel.
Karl K
Thank you for a lot of excellent, helpful coaching in just 5.5 minutes. Your intro really sets the stage for the balance and alignment drills.
best demonstrative video i had ever seen
David Kirkpatrick
Another great demonstrative video Deb. Great stuff. Your videos of the young skiers are very helpful.
Generating TOO much pressure on the outside ski will SLOW YOU DOwn.
IF you need to slow down, use it but what if you are looking for speed?
If you skied every gate this way you'd never be in the top 10.
The MINIMUM pressure it takes to hold the right line wins every time.
Pictures of specific racers in specific gates is not a picture of the whole
race. So if you are describing a control or slow down move, to keep inline
for the next turn, good info. But if you are describing "every turn" technique,
not good. Different tools for different turns for different parts of the course.
Steve Squaw
She speaks my language. This is a top notch coach. If you get this, you got it.
No clue whatsoever!
Soufian Ratib
This is soo tricky !
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U10 training - foot to foot pressure U10 training - alignment 11 months ago   10:30