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Things I Don't Like About | - At Up-Tube.com

Things I don't like about 2 months ago   03:59

17. HI, still here :) we're going to end the year off with a couple things I'm not too fond of here in Korea! Not saying 'hate' bc hate is a strong word. There are definitely more.. so possibly a part 2 in the future lol.


Camera: sonya500
IG / SC: ewnett

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Stephen Crowder
me too
i hate Korea
Yeah, maybe you don' I'm in the middle of my taste.
Penn Calder
I found your channel a couple of weeks ago. love your vids soo much and am looking to move to Korea myself.
me too
Achu Merra
I just arrived in Korea and stumbled up on your videos. This particular video is my favorite. The way you described the traffic flow is truly artistic
Are you full Habesha or Habesha mixed with something else?
What about Japan?
MepHi sTo
The korean government took away the trashcans to avoid terrorism after 9/11
Your hair looks so good straight
don don
Hot black girl ever.. :3
m.K.v a
I was really sad to watch this video.Your country has a lot of trash, too.ㅡㅡ
Don't expect too much against the deeply flawed S Korean society.
The more you stay,the more you bump into something strange
or uncomfortable or unsanitary.
Keep on your mind.
Some korean peoples are take a crab in public garbage box
I love your video.  I was only one who sweating like a crazy in Seoul Subway in summer.
surafel tadesse
Good job !!what if you interview others about their perception that what life looks in korea!!(specially Ethiopians
Dani Thomas
You r super hot 🔥
Terri Marsh
Up load some more!! We love your vidoes! & they’re soo helping!!!
Somehow Ewnett, you remind me of the korean actress Hyeri from Reply 1988.
What part of Korea are you in?
ዳንIEL Seifesellasie
THE፯ TRUE፯ set ፯ you free ፯ እውነት
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Things I don't like about 2 months ago   09:38