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Cryptobeast #19 American Messiah: True | Jay Dyer On Mk-Ultra, Freemasonry And Scientism - At Up-Tube.com

CryptoBeast #19 American Messiah: True Jay Dyer on MK-Ultra, Freemasonry and Scientism 1 day ago   1:28:40

Crypto Beast
SEE ALSO CryptoBeast #20 MKGRATEFUL - Was the Grateful Dead a Psychological Operation?: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/ZSrzxugk6Ap

Chalmers "Chip" Benedict Wood II is the son of one of President Kennedy's advisors. They were very concerned about the threat of global thermonuclear war, which led to the creation of the Grateful Dead as a peaceful psyop.

With Chip Wood, Steve Outtrim, Robert Forte and Joe Atwill

Please contribute to Chip's GoFundMe, which will help him finish and publish his book.https://www.gofundme.com/american-messiah-how-i-started-the-grateful-dead

See Burners.Me for links to the topics discussed on the show, excerpts from Chip's forthcoming book "American Messiah", and further evidence supporting Chip's claims.


Joe Atwill https://postflaviana.org

Steve Outtrim:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/steveouttrim
Steemit: https://steemit.com/@steveouttrim
Youtube: https://Youtube.com/c/steveouttrimcryptobeast
Facebook: https://facebook.com/steveouttrim
Blog: https://burners.me

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chalmers wood
The Grateful Dead’s mission was to help prevent Cold War nuclear events. That’s my job.
For release: DANCING PAST ARMAGEDDON Nonfiction by Chalmers Wood 11/22/19
> In the mid-seventies, while in the border crossing shack into Communist East Germany, I made signs to the officer in charge I wanted to talk to Stasi, KGB, and GRU officers in Apolda where a motocross race being held. Knowing he would access my files, and being of the family of King Charles Martel, I knew he would scramble, and comply. The next evening I met the three over beers in an empty cafe.
My goal was to convince them that nuclear weapon errors and close calls were so numerous that it was crucial they spread the word among their rank and file that were any ever ordered to launch nuclear missiles, it would probably be an error, and still destroy us all. It would be better to delay as long as possible if not simply not do it until absolutely sure they were being attacked, and accept the military court martial consequences. Starting with the Cuban Missile Crisis, we talked, the ice gradually melted, and we four, as mice will play when the cats are away, eventually agreed to contravene our three governments as soldiers occasionally have throughout history.
Then on 26 September, 1983, three weeks after the Soviets shot down Korean Air Lines Flight 007, Stanislav Y. Petrov, a Lieutenant Colonel of the Soviet Air Defence Force Command, disobeyed orders from Moscow to launch. A Soviet satellite had mistaken the sun reflecting off a cloud over Minnesota for a launch plume. Were the two scenes connected? That possibility is above zero. Maybe I'll go back to Germany & Moscow to get the proof. Someday. Maybe. Not worried about it.
chalmers wood
Has anyone grasped the connection between

(1) Bobby Weir's 1963 "Mission from God", and
(2) the 1980 Blues Brother "Mission From God" film? See here: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/C1XMXMf-2LZ&yvfg=EQC1XMXMf-2LZ&fgneg_enqvb=1&g=111&g=0 ;-0

If NOT, may a direct you to
Sister Mary Stigmata (The Penguin) here:

Shari Klein
this guy is insane- its not just the drugs (which he is PROUD of!); no, hes just insane....
Angela Power-Disney
37 minutes ish FINALLY the truth about JFK

Interview coup
Torch Igniter
Steve I have really enjoyed and shared a lot of your work in the past but this episode was so bad I had to turn it off. This does nothing but make me call into question all of the great work you have done over the years, especially the Burning Man work. If I was you, I would have politely finished the interview and never posted it. Such obvious disinformation from an egomaniacal man with a rather severe “my daddy is better than your daddy” complex. I wish I had never stumbled across this one.
This is comedy gold 😂😂
Gregory Swift
So why does this guy think Bob owes him money?
chalmers wood
To put this history into context: My humble book will be a young adult & children’s history & humor book, and I expect your FULL support. We have “mutual friends”, such as the late Inspector General of the Central Intelligence Agency John Henry Waller, (I once kissed his EXTREMELY schweet daughter Mia!) my late “Uncle Bill” William E. Colby whom I met in Saigon in 1958, and my late “Uncle Ed” Edward G. Lansdale whom I met in Manila in 1950. The book should do ok because it will be impossible to prevent leaks that media folks used my operations profiles to produce the mass market properties “Forest Gump”, the "Harry Potter” series, and Monty Python folk’s “The Life of Brian”, which had total combines revenues, direct & all otherwise, beginning with a “B”. The general theme comes from my childhood hero “Might Mouse”, (“Here He Comes To Save The Day!”) my fascination with the pilots and aircraft of WWII, Nuclear Energy, and History! Enjoy: 
                                              “THANKS VASILI & STAN !"
                          “Never before have so many owed so much to three: 
(1) On 27 October 1962, Captain of the First Rank Submarine Flotilla Commander Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov cast the single vote that prevented a Soviet nuclear strike during the Cuban Missile Crisis which Unites States National Security Archive Director Tom Blanton said in 2002: *"Saved The world", and prevented a global thermonuclear war killing billions.

(2) On September 26, 1983, Lieutenant Colonel of the Soviet Air Defence Forces was the duty officer at the command center in the Oko nuclear deep early-warning bunker when the system reported that a missile had been launched from the United States, followed by up to FIVE more. Petrov "judged" the reports to be a false alarms, and, having read of the Woodstock Festival, and listened endlessly to a smuggles-in copy of "Ripple", decided to disobey orders against strict Soviet military protocol, NOT launch, and thus prevented an erroneous retaliatory multiple nuclear attack on the United States and its NATO allies that would have resulted in large-scale global thermonuclear killing billions. 

(3) Golly! I just pretended to channel GOD ALMIGHTY directing Robert Hall “Bobby” Weir to hire guys for a musical business to be named “The Grateful Dead” in order to save our planet from a Global Thermonuclear World War Three, end the Cold War without nukes, and THAT, think “Murphy’s Law”, morphed into me becoming:

                                                        The Burning Man. 

                                                     Your Humble Obedient, 
Anarchy Anarchist
I think the idea that the grateful dead was created to stop nuclear war makes less sense than the straightforward idea that the 60s were a psyop to damage people psychologically and sexually, as well as cause a generational divide among other things. All of that was the actual result of the counterculture, totally shattered our country. Maybe this guy drank his own koolaid.
Oil City News
Being born to a military family in 1951 have found this to be most interesting, thank you so much.
Pope Pius XXIII. Lol. This dude is full of it.
chalmers wood
My Email: chalmers@diplomats.com
 If you want to support the book I am writing by a DIRECT tax deductible donation, or have a constructive suggestion:
come on!  

Grateful Education Foundation 509(a)(2) Employer ID#: 83-0895678. Please

This will be the cover art, my diplomatic family, 1956, me on right:     
Thank you!
chalmers wood
#19's Key Rhetoric Points by minutes and seconds. (Maybe copy & print ;-)
0-8:33    Introduction by Steve Outtrim & Robert Forte
9:23        1963, Chip, Cuban Missile Crisis, & Barlow
9:50        Crisis, Dad, Jack Kennedy
10:31     Barlow’s 2 fathers hysteria
11:28     Cuba, nuclear war, diplomatic/history family
12:12     Diplomat Dad all over Europe
12:53     CIA Edward Lansdale, my “Uncle Ed”
14:07     CIA Director William Colby, “Uncle Bill”
14:57     Weir @ Fountain Valley School
15:50     Global Thermo-Nuclear War
16:08     Vasili Arkhipov
16:49     Almost a nuclear World War Three
17:46     Psyops to chill-out our Planet Earth
17:49     Gen. Curtis “Nukem Till They Glow” LeMay https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curtis_LeMay 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curtis_LeMay (Scroll down to "Cuban Missile Crisis)
18:40     Chip’s “American Band to beat the Soviets”
19:08     Super spy Kim Philby defects to Moscow
19:58     Film “Our Man in Havana”, '59, with BEER!
20:33     Dad says “OK” to band under CIA and Jack Kennedy
21:03     See “Ben’s Bacon”
21:25     Creating the band through Bobby Weir”
21:51     Will Chip channel God Almighty?
22:01     Headmaster Perry’s Chip gets Weir deal
22:39     Chip channeling God Almighty to Weir
23:17     Weir buys God Almighty, channeled by Chip
23:49     Does Steve love Bobby in a Gay Way?
24:25     Grateful Dead name
24:30     Training Weir for GD the mission
25:04     Weir has accepted his GD mission
26:01     Barlow as Weir’s foil & guard
26:45     Barlow agrees to Chip’s royalties deal
26:50     Weir agrees to use Barlow as bolt hole
27:40     Weir agrees: Chip gets $1,000,000.00
28:00     English will handle the drugs
28:33     History & English connection
28:55     The English to civilize the world
29:32  “Warlocks” (Just means ‘magician’ etc)
29:45     Two [happy/fear] word dichotomy
32:08     Why no paper contract re GDead deal
32:14     “No paperwork. Extremely secret”
33:05     Jesuits in Hiroshima escape death. How?
33:34     How GD will avert nuclear war: votes etc
34:25     Weir recruits band
35:34     Overthrowing old religions
37:27     Thank you Vasili Arkhipov !
38:10     Kennedy assassinated
39:40     Johnson probably killed Kennedy?
39:10     Joe Kennedy Senior Viet War deal
39:52     N. S. A. Memorandum 263: out of Vietnam
40:05     Vietnam will NOT be like World War Two
41:55 Chip played at FVS ’61-’62, gave it to Weir
42:21 Chip stops playing, gives audience to Weir
44:35    Chip the Green Beret A Team Commander
45:10    Dad & Kennedy out of Vietnam
45:14     Kennedy killed, Johnson screws Chip’s family
45:51  The Johnson Massacre
46:25     Chip Green Beanie
46:55     Vietnam’s Unification order
47:01     Colby’s Phoenix Program
48:40     Vietnam’s prognosis
49:40     “I will kill NO Vietnamese, they're my friends”
51:54     Woodstock Festival, 1969
52:19    Caesar's & Shakespeare’s soothsayers
52:35 Ramsay tries to use Chip as his pawn
53:10 The two Woodstock spooks
53:45 If Chip announces for the White House at Woodstock…
54:11 The Spook’s Messiah
54:16 "Sacrificial Lamb”, maybe killed & eaten?
A bit much (!) the Lamb is killed and eaten: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamb_of_God [A lion-like lamb that rises to deliver victory after being slain appears several times in the Book of Revelation] This is a problem!
54:34  “Better if no big leader that gets killed”
54:50     Chip will not attend Woodstock Peace Festival
56:30     “If Muslims get nuclear weapons…”
59:00     “The Cold War was real”
59:20     Wisdom is not making the same mistake twice
59:31     Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov  saves the world
1:00:45  The "Intelligence" problems of all leaders
1:04:00  Chip generally stays “out in the field”
1:05:50  Chip & Weir after 13 years
1:06:50  Meeting Weir with Rat Dog
1:07:02 “Is Weir gay by God Almighty’s dictate?”
1:07:16 Chip’s Kudos to Weir
1:07:25 The Money!
1:07:48 Garcia has quit the band!
1:08:10 Chip goes to Calif to reunite Garcia
1:09:00 The Diplomat Extraordinary Ambassador Samantha Reed Smith, age twelve.
1:09:40 Berlin Wall falls due to “paper work”
(1.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Wall
(2.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%BCnter_Schabowski [ Günter Schabowski ]
1:10:39 Back in San Francisco
1:10:50 Weir and Garcia refuses to help save Jim Jones’ people in any way. Won't even listen
1:11:01 Garcia offers "Unlimited drug money" if Chip runs for congress while refusing to pay debt.
1:11:45 Chip refuses Weir’s heroin, Weir gets angry
1:11:25 Vietnamese Boat People dying by thousands
1:12:45 Hunter was/is the greatest (Barlow never was even close)
1:12:25 Barlow’s book is embarrassing
1:12:30 Weir the Music Star, Barlow the guard
1:14:05 Weir as God’s anointed “Playing in The Band, World at His Command”
1:15:40 Nikes are nuke-tipped. Garcia understood what he was playing about!
1:17:12 CIA bureaucracy’s jerk-wad problems
1:18:30 INCREASE nuke fears, & they will love Utopia more
1:19:10 100,000 Hippies stop Nixon from nuking Vietnam
1:20:44 The Good & Peaceful life is “boring” (Not true! ;-)
1:22:07 “Look, you guys are junkies, and I’m straight. OK?”
1:22:40 Lesh tries to kill Chip on Barlow’s orders
1:23:30 Lesh to Chip “Shut up or I’ll have you killed” Weir sits watching, trembling, and wetting his pants
1:23:35 FVS Charles F. Ryder (designer in France ) witnesses the whole episode, does nothing. Later Ryder tells Chip Barlow set up the whole scenario, and ran away to California leaving Lesh to be the Fool.
1:24:05 Chip waits, later the GD try to kill Chip using VOODOO ;-D
1:24:07 That morphs into the "The Man" of The Burning Man Community ;-D
Candace Owen Benjamin Shapiro
The CIA even...
chalmers wood
Some new replies below. thank you all! ;-)
"They were very concerned about the threat of global thermonuclear war, which led to the creation of the Grateful Dead as a peaceful psyop."
ahahahahhah if that isn't one of the funniest sentences I have ever read!
Big Mike
Can both the grateful dead be a CIA/satanic psyop AND this guy be totally full of shit, be true at the same time?....
Charles Williams
After True Detective Season 3 ended I was doing a little search about Vietnam/Phoenix because of the subplot of the show and the ending. Came across info for Operation Wandering Soul that was an attempt by the US Military to play upon Vietnamese superstitions to frighten them into surrender or just affect their moral. There was a very interesting tid bit about a Vietnamese folk tale that any fan of the Grateful Dead will recognize.

Essentially there were South Vietnamese soldiers returning south after the Tet Offensive carrying bodies of two dead North Vietnamese soldiers. They were transporting them back to the South to prevent them from being buried in their homelands. Apparently not being given a proper burial is important to the Vietnamese. And if you are not buried properly or in your homeland you will become a Wandering Soul and haunt the land forever seeking a proper burial.

The South Vietnamese Soldiers were in a hurry and needed to stash the captured bodies in a village until they could return in a week to continue carrying the bodies South. They left the bodies with a village shopkeeper and told her to mind them until the could return. She turned around and buried the North Vietnamese soldiers in their ancestral land and gave them a proper burial ceremony. When the South Vietnamese soldiers returned she simply told them that other soldier had passed through and collected the bodies. Shortly after that her struggling shop began to experience good fortune and she began to turn a healthy profit and her business stabilized. They never used the term the Grateful Dead but that is the exact definition of the term that the band cites as the meaning behind their name. Gave me pause and I started free associating wondering if maybe Garcia had been an advisor in Vietnam during his stint in the Army. Or perhaps worked on some cultural anthropology, etc. Then this guy in the video provides an interesting verifiable link between the Phoenix Program, Wandering Souls and the Grateful Dead. Just thinking out loud here. No major revelation or whatever. Just interesting.
Douglas Valentine wrote about Lansdale’s terroristic psyops in Asia.
L. Fletcher Prouty identified “Uncle” Ed Lansdale in the photo of the arrested “hobos” taken just after JFK was assassinated.
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Jay Dyer on MK-Ultra, Freemasonry and Scientism CryptoBeast #19 American Messiah: True 1 day ago   04:53

Jay Dyer returns to the show to discuss his research on MK-Ultra. We engage in a wide ranging discussion that includes a brief history of the CIA's mind control program and Scientism. Later we talk about Freemasonry's role in imposing the New World Order and how occulted knowledge has been used by the ruling elite to maintain their dominion.