Announcers Getting Angry | Part MLB Roid Rage 1 year ago   10:18

I was absolutely floored by the response to my first video, so I made a part 2!

This video highlights announcers getting wound up at whatever is going on around them. As much as I love Jack Edwards, Hawk Harrelson and company, I tried to keep this video to 1 clip each of such low-hanging fruit.

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That announcer in FIU Dartmouth game has no idea what a balk is holy shit

- an unbiased lefty
Only a Marlins announcer would have that little to talk about that they'd get worked up over a meaningless scoring decision.
Bam Jackson
Absolutely diabolical! "YOU DICK HEAD"......Rugby
Richmond was the funniest tho. Dude said "what a bum end the fucking game already" the icing on the cake was the whistling.
Good thing that Reds announcer retired after this past season cuz he acts like a 7 - 1 lead is a big lead... It wasnt like it was 17 - 1
Surviving Chicago
I don’t know about anybody else but I really wanted to see the Chile versus Italy game.....
AJ Truss
Elvis Kostopouloss
I can't speyk
Soccer sucks anyway fuck you all. It’s so boring
The guy was whistling final countdown cuz he was waiting on his boss to can him 😂😂
Patrick Gray
Thom Brennaman get a life you cheer for your team if your up by 20 runs & I'm a Reds fan Cubs fans did nothing wrong.
Jaketwins 01
5:42 I feel byrnsie on this one that’s a balk
Mattias Strandberg
4:05 what de d%&khead
RIcky Rick
diabolical! LOL
Ray Day33
I’ll bet Comcast cable liked their insignia on that. I’ll assure you he never had to wait for a second for a game to end again
Ray Day33
End this fucking game? That’s amateur football unless it’s Canadian or the XFL. It’s one thing to get on a pro but he should and probably did lose his job. I have called high school football on radio for 10 years with my father who has done play by play of about every amateur sport that he could sell radio advertisement to since he finished college. I have never heard him and I have never called out an individual for a loss who isn’t being paid. If I was calling that game with that guy, our station would have lost their fcc license and been the first time for a street fight to be broadcasted over radio. Plus I’d be in jail.
Ray Day33
More Dana White
Achilles X23
An ERROR??!!??
8:05 holy shit that caught me off guard LOL
Gavin Johnson
David Coleman was describing the Battle of Santiago. Here’s a few edited highlights of Italy v Chile knocking lumps out of each other......
Kian Bukowski
What do you expect out of the bad boys lmao. It’s literally what they are known for
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MLB Roid Rage Announcers Getting Angry | Part 1 year ago   14:44

Happy Opening Day! These are some of the most angry eruptions ever in baseball. Some of these players didn’t use steroids but some did! Enjoy!

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