Announcers Getting Angry | Part MLB Roid Rage 10 months ago   10:18

I was absolutely floored by the response to my first video, so I made a part 2!

This video highlights announcers getting wound up at whatever is going on around them. As much as I love Jack Edwards, Hawk Harrelson and company, I tried to keep this video to 1 clip each of such low-hanging fruit.

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Jake Kling
the Laimbeer thing was dirty but that announcer was pearl clutching a little bit like calm down
Anthony Hutchins
Soccer players are gladiators? Lol give me a break
Jacob Roberts
Yeah soccer players are gladiators 🤣
Justin Nitsuj
Why would you not show the whole game??? I wanted to see Italy destroy Chile dammit
bob joe
End this fucking game already....... Fired
How is the Reyes bobble not an error??
In regards to the description, when has Jack Edwards literally ever gotten angry lol. Being passionate isn't the same.
Tiamat The Great
3:36 when you abuse a small hat's prized breeding buck
W Morris
Tom Cruise? Will you stop!!!!(snicker snicker)
Announcers will never be held in respect. They are NOTHING! Nobody likes the announcers. They are one step below movie critics! No statue has ever been erected of a critic!
Nomad 1-4
That Irish guy got you a like
Avery Weber
8:06 LMAO
It's a Balk.
The Pskie
As a professional score keeper, that's an error all day long..if your 12 maybe a hit, but bah maybe if your 9
Hulk Hogan
Soccer=boring as fuck
Victory Arceus
"Rodman, Lambeer, and Ithaiah Thomath" i died lol
Griffin Bashara
3:23 Enough Already. 😡
leethethird85 stupid "how dare these Cubs fans chant let's go Cubs" I dont care of they were up by 30 runs those fans paid their money and were having fun
No surprise the Flyers announcers are assholes. That whole city is shit
Jackson B
Soccer players and “gladiator” should not be used in the same sentence. God damn
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MLB Roid Rage Announcers Getting Angry | Part 10 months ago   14:44

Happy Opening Day! These are some of the most angry eruptions ever in baseball. Some of these players didn’t use steroids but some did! Enjoy!

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