I Painted My Face Using Only LOREN GRAY is LYING TO YOU *proof* 2 days ago   20:30

Ryan Trahan
Just... watch it
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HIDDEN COMMENT: paint your personality with your--- oh wait...

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Unique art And me
You have the best friends ever. Mine would just laugh at me. EVEN WHEN I USE MY HANDS
Drawing With Emma 111
This is hilarious!
bitch lasagna in the background @6:52 anybody xD
7:20 we gotta love pewdiepie b***h lasagna
Sunny Sunday
I like that you want to make it realistic as well!!! 😂
Amazing Aarav 9123
no ne gonna talk abt that bitch lasanga was playin in the back?
whos watching pewdiepie on the tv
George Corts
7:48 copyright
Kirk Holifield
Pause it at 4:32 lmao ima have nightmares tonight :(
Jason Owolabi
On this episode of *_Ryan Trahan_***, we will learn how to give yourself some *serious acne*
he is watching b**ch lasagna in the background
Jade _Savage
I swear someone says one sentence from his video and gets hundreds of likes lol
Jade _Savage
Wow watching pewdepie.....I'm so proud
olivia gleason
I was watching PewDiePie in the background the whole time 😂
Lolo Van bagel
Bitch lasagna in the background
Foxd Squad
sorry if this sounds mean but at the end you looked dead
*my dumbass just thought he was gunna put paint on his face and put his face on the canvas😔*
Erika Minske
Nice thumbnail 👍.
Devin Moran
Did anyone see pewDiePie in the background
Fortnite red FOX
I subscribed
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LOREN GRAY is LYING TO YOU *proof* I Painted My Face Using Only 2 days ago   11:24

loren gray's lying to you and hiding the fact that she is actually a gamer girl nerd hurhurher
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