Visa credibility interview: student Studying in Canada vs Ireland - Danish 2 months ago   05:45

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If you're going to be studying in the UK for more than six months, you will need to meet the British immigration requirements for a Tier 4 visa. Some international students applying for student visas to the UK will need to pass a video interview, via Skype, with UKBA staff in the UK.

We have reconstructed a credibility interview to help you understand what you can expect. In this video, the student represents a well-prepared applicant.

Compare her responses in this video to poorly-prepared student:

You can find out more information about the visa credibility interviews on our website:


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Rafgie Manzo
after that, when will be the result? thanks!
Anita Ukah
What if you don't have a relative studying or living abroad? What would be ur answer
Syeda Khushboo Sehar
very useful
mr king
What's app please
I'm interested for study in uk
Mriyank Roy
We have to show accommodation letter at the visa office ??...or can we go ahead with the interview and book accommodation after the result??
The interview was precisely same except in my Centre it wasn’t allowed to talk at normal pace as the lady had to type The info I was telling her and hence she asked me to pause in the middle of my sentence which was kinda disturbing, otherwise it went fine.
Srijan Pratap
Really helpful video , well actually after schooling I did bachelors of Computers in a local university just for a semester, afterwards i decided to study abroad and do marketing ( I finished my school last year). I've got CAS and done everything and have an unconditional. Just that I have my visa interview tomorrow and i really dont know how to tackle this question if they ask me that is" what did you do in the past year". Really need your help! any advice would be great.
nabeel jamal
Its better not to answer like she did for some questions
Eg: examiner asked why she took that course, her 1st point was about the location. It is better to say something related to your course. Like, about the Library, Lab, faculty, uni's standing in league table etc.
Her answers are quite good
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Studying in Canada vs Ireland - Danish Visa credibility interview: student 2 months ago   05:03

Danish from India shares his thoughts on studying in Canada v Ireland.