Saying goodbye to my kitchen! 🤣 Funniest 😻 Cats 1 week ago   10:26

Jun Yoshizuki

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I'm moving!! Thank you so much for the Patreon support! I was able to upgrade my appliances and I'm now making a cooking room! I'm very excited to start cooking in my new kitchen!

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Jun Yoshizuki
Thank you so much for the Patreon support! I was able to upgrade my appliances and I can't wait to cook in my new kitchen! :)
Shweta Prabhakaran
Can you tell us what brand that tape is?! Cause that is STRONG stuff...
I love the atmosphere of this video, it feels relaxing and refreshing for some reason. Can't wait to see the new kitchen and all the videos you'll make there 😊
Georgehyron Ricafort
What about rachel?
Next time let some cooking oil seep from above to loosen the adhesive
Andrey Evgrafov
I wonder why you did not use the string? For example from a guitar. Or to remove car windows.
Kentucky 1950
Cats on the
Alejandro Hernandez
Is this a new account?
Mariana Galvan
That moment when you realize that haku lost his usual spot
I'm going to miss this kitchen :')
the extra water tip is so good! for all of us lazy cat owners who buy packaged wet cat food you can make a "broth" for your cats by adding a few tablespoons of water to the empty food packet, mixing it around and then pouring it over the wet food in the bowl.
SketchyCat !!!
Loved how they sat and shook hands first before eating. You’ve raised such polite sons. 😂
Blair the cat
7:22 it was at that moment, Jun knew, he messed up
Bye Jun's Kitchen
Jun talking to an inanimate object: "You have been very very helpful...but you're very stubborn and not helpful now."
I'M Retired
That's a functional DIY. I would use a thin sheet of metal and glue to a thin wooden board. The magnets will stick to the metal and screw to the wall in your new kitchen.
Little Papers Collection
@2:33 if i was the cat, i'd have no patience with this bs and just walk away..hahaha jk
Little Papers Collection
my cats drink a tons of woter
French_ baguette
“I’m a human, I use tools.”
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🤣 Funniest 😻 Cats Saying goodbye to my kitchen! 1 week ago   13:21

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