Bugatti Chiron Unboxing, Delivery, 2,6 Mio. Euro Bugatti Chiron 6 months ago   34:47

We head out to Wheels Boutique in Miami, FL to take delivery of their brand new Bugatti Chiron. While there we swap out the wheels and a set of lighter ANRKY wheels, take off the temporary bumper, go over the launch control procedure and do some performance testing including 60-130 MPH.

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Omg, those wheels look terrible
my mom washes my underwears
A lot of butt hurt "introverts" in the comments. If you are mad about what are they doing , then buy your own chiron and let stock rims on them but until then you either shut the fuk up or stop watching these kind of videos.
Bent Nickel
Please don't swoop in with your camera, inches away from the subject, then before it focuses, pull way back out. That's SO MADDENING !!!!
A Ford delivering a Chiron? Nice. Should have neva gave you niggas money. lol.
Rube Clayton
Pure Badass.!! .. And Those Wheels Are Sicckk.!!
Bugatti shouldn't honor any sort of damage this car sustains.
joseph landrum
I will take a ZR1, 37ft Fountain, and a lake house for $3 million. It’s nice....But, it’s not all that for 3 million. Considering it will be 1.5million next week.
abdul ghani bin othman Othman
that one damn expensive machine, the fangtech is wathing you for the 1000 km race
Lucas Martínez Parra
Callum Dunbar
Nice car ...but crap colour scheme
-4 lbs. per wheels, brilliant, totally worth it to die.
King Noar
Why put the speed key in? You only need it to go faster than 230mph
Jake Heke
Might as well load it up with hillary 2016, coexist and coldplay bumper stickers
Vossen any1? I wouldn't change the wheels tho...
The Bugatti rims cost about 8000€ each ...........they make a big mistake to put this red ebay rims!!!!Americans no ideas from super cars!!!
scott smith
I have a feathlight open trailer ... because enclosed are a pain
scott smith
Get an mc12
130mph on a public road.....You really should have your miniature balls and dick removed...Idiot!!!!
Eww red wheels, no taste in luxury and I can't afford it.
Donaven Moon
Hey white guys leave rims to the blacks. The original wheels looked wayyyyy better. There is absolutely no point in changing wheels if your planning on staying the same size unless the new ones are wayyyy better looking
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2,6 Mio. Euro Bugatti Chiron Bugatti Chiron Unboxing, Delivery, 6 months ago   16:26

Der neue Bugatti Chiron stellt von den Leistungsdaten her alles in den Schatten, was derzeit an automobilen Überfliegern auf den Straßen unterwegs ist. GRIP-Testfahrer Matthias Malmedie darf das automobile Kunstwerk in Portugal erstmals im deutschen Fernsehen exklusiv von der Kette lassen! Extremer geht es nicht: 1.500 PS stark, 420 km/h schnell - und rund 2,9 Millionen Euro teuer!

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