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Del Bigtree Of The Highwire Interviews Prof. | Vaccines-Honesty Vs Policy - Part I. Is Dr Humphries - At Up-Tube.com

Del Bigtree of The Highwire interviews Prof. Vaccines-Honesty vs Policy - Part I. Is Dr Humphries 1 day ago   1:14:30

Keele University
Del Bigtree of Highwire interviews Prof Christopher Exley, following the 2018 11th Autoimmunity Congress held in Lisbon, Portugal.

Special thanks go to Del Bigtree of The Highwire: https://up-tube.com/channel/HPd6bBhuFk7RFeru6z9YTl6D

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Tommy Vincent
Simply one of the most astounding and informative talks i have ever listened to. Keep up the great work guys and thankyou ✌💛
Madeline Sartori
Love that Keele aired this! Good on them!
towards the end of the tape this prof is getting redder and redder in his face.he is obviusly upset and stressed.this topic is absetting,also merc and co might come after him or big tree.
Will taking Diattimetous earth which is high in silicon help?
Patricia Pratt
Prof Exley when penicillin injections were first used some people lad catastrophic adverse reactions. So scratch tests were developed. Can similar tests be used for aluminium adjuvant in vaccines?
Flat Eric
You couldn’t get more disingenuous if you tried. Chris Exley has made a channel called Keele University and the channel only contains videos by him about Aluminium. Does the VC of Keele know you have this channel?
Randy Rand
i am noticing that most researchers are smeared that show this science. They have already smeared this doctor... Every doctor showing how bad vaccines are get's smeared and their reputations destroyed.
Joe Sturman
So informative. Thank you.
The scientist asserts, “And everyone is getting the same vaccines / the same amount of aluminum...” but I would challenge that:

What of the possibility that vaccine manufacturers inadvertently overdose some children on vaccine adjuvants due to production error or malfunction? The very manufacturers and industry insiders that produce and sign off on the self confirming science could very well be overlooking or omitting information regarding the risk of inherent production errors where some vaccines might contain the wrong ratios of the recipe and subsequently cause damage. Until the manufacturers are held legally responsibly for mishaps such as these, we cannot even put our trust in the claims about the product in terms of the amounts. And until then, there is little to no incentive for them to continue updating their production standards in an honest and reasonably accountable manner. Resolve the ethical corruption and put the responsibility back upon the manufacturers as it should be! Then, perhaps, we can begin to trust that the manufacturers are providing products with the proper standards where we can make claims about every single type of vaccine being produced exactly as it should be. Independent, unbiased testing and repeal the vaccine injury compensation act or BUST.
Lynn Jackson
• MTHFR gene:

• Private testing:
https://www.drchad.net/mthfr-and-more-cheek-swab-genetic-test/ (they do not keep rights to your DNA & destroy your DNA after test is completed)

• https://m.youtube.com/watch?sns=fb&v=Y3NKG4qtWyk

• http://www.easytolovebut.com/?p=2782

• http://greensandgenes.blogspot.com/2012/11/lmthfr-genetic-mutation-and-associated.html?m=1

• https://www.dietvsdisease.org/mthfr-c677t-a1298c-mutation/

• http://mthfr.net/l-methylfolate-methylfolate-5-mthf/2012/04/05/

• https://www.anabundantlife.com.au/mthfr-gene/

• https://www.anabundantlife.com.au/mthfr-test/

• https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-integrationist/201409/genetic-mutation-can-affect-mental-physical-health

• https://www.anabundantlife.com.au/mthfr-folic-acid/

• http://honestlyadhd.com/MTHFR-magical/

• http://mthfr.net/nitrous-oxide-mthfr-trouble/2015/02/06/

• http://www.merrittwellness.com/mthfr-mistakes-assumptions-dangers-and-whats-true-about-mthfr/

• https://mthfrgenehealth.com/foods-bad-for-mthfr-poor-methylation/
Herd Immunity

The term, ‘herd immunity’, was coined by researcher, A W Hedrich, after he’d studied the epidemiology of measles in USA between 1900-1931. His study published in the May, 1933 American Journal of Epidemiology concluded that when 68% of children younger than 15 yrs old had become immune to measles via infection, measles epidemics ceased. For several reasons, this natural, pre-vaccine herd immunity differed greatly from today’s vaccine ‘herd immunity’.1,2

When immunity was derived from natural infection, a much smaller proportion of the population needed to become immune to show the herd effect; compare the 68% measles immunity required for natural herd immunity to the very high percentages of vaccine uptake deemed necessary for measles vaccine ‘herd immunity’. In his ‘Vaccine Safety Manual’, Neil Z Miller cites research which concluded increasing vaccine uptake necessary for ‘herd immunity’ ranging from “70 to 80 percent of two year olds in inner cities” in 1991 to “‘close to 100 percent coverage’…with a vaccine that is 90 to 98 percent effective.” in 1997. Miller notes that, “When the measles vaccine was introduced in 1963, officials were confident that they could eradicate the disease by 1967.”

Subsequently, new dates for eradication were pronounced as 1982, 2000 and 2010. Meanwhile, “In 1990, after examining 320 scientific works from around the world, 180 European medical doctors concluded that ‘the eradication of measles…would today appear to be an unrealistic goal.’” And in 1984, Professor D. Levy of Johns Hopkins University had already “concluded that if current practices [of suppressing natural immunity] continue, by the year 2050 a large part of the population will be at risk and ‘there could in theory be over 25,000 fatal cases of measles in the U.S.A.’”

Disease-conferred immunity usually lasted a lifetime. As each new generation of children contracted the infection, the immunity of those previously infected was renewed due to their continual cyclical re-exposure to the disease; except for newly-infected children and the few individuals who’d never had the disease or been exposed to it, the ‘herd immunity’ of the entire population was maintained at all times.

Vaccine ‘herd immunity’ is hit-and-miss; outbreaks of disease sometimes erupt in those who follow recommended vaccine schedules. If they do actually “immunize”, vaccines provide only short-term immunity so, in an attempt to maintain ‘herd immunity’, health authorities hold ‘cattle drives’ to round up older members of the ‘herd’ for administration of booster shots. And on it goes, to the point that, now, it’s recommended we accept cradle-to-grave shots of vaccine against pertussis, a disease which still persists after more than sixty years of widespread use of the vaccine.

Russell Blaylock, MD remarks, “One of the grand lies of the vaccine program is the concept of “herd immunity”. In fact, vaccines for most Americans declined to non-protective levels within 5 to 10 years of the vaccines. This means that for the vast majority of Americans, as well as others in the developed world, herd immunity doesn’t exist and hasn’t for over 60 years.”3

In the pre-vaccine era, newborns could receive antibodies against infectious diseases from their mothers who had themselves been infected as children and re-exposed to the diseases later in life. Today’s babies born to mothers who were vaccinated and never exposed to these diseases do not receive these antibodies. In direct contrast to fear mongering disease “facts” and ‘herd immunity’ theories related by Public Health, most of today’s babies are more vulnerable than babies of the pre-vaccine era.
Lynn Jackson
It is easy to work out the people that will be harmed, the ones that are already un healthy, their systems won't cope with more poison, clean up needed, all these heavy metals can be detoxed with a good naturopathic doctor, nutrition heals, herbs, fruits and getting tested for what is going on with the individual as the NHS only treats everyone the same, where one size fits all is never gonna work. Too many vaccines now our grannies had 1 or 2 now kids bodies have around 40 by 18 and in America they have around 70 so right there, is the slaughter of our children for profit and money, trillions of dollars a year and the back bone of the pharmaceutical industry, do drug will heal, only clean detox, the liver has a big job to do and so do we, wake up get healthy and reject all the poison. Knowledge is power, power up.
sarah newman
We need to make medicine and all medical products nonprofit in the US.
Cindy Robin
Didn't some Italian scientists come up with an alternative adjuvant, but got shut down? I watched a documentary, and I can't remember the name.
Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing
Cliff Lind Hjulskov
Prof Christopher Exley I appreciate your honesty and I "know" the work you do will contribute to a healthier and more beautiful world.
Graham Keates
"I'm too honest". Pharma. hate the truth. Brilliant. This is one of the most conscious beings ever. Thank you, Chris. I finally understand all my experience post vaccines. One of the 1-2%. If you are a parent, check out the link below before saying yes to the HPV vaccine. I never take the Flu shot now. I did for many years. Clearly it(Al) built up in my system then took my life away. Sick, real sick for 10 yrs. Now things are OK within the limitations of the long term effects and finally discovering it was not me, my failing, but my conviction that those in authority are gospel. Never be afraid to ask questions and make an informed decision no matter what the mind tells you.
Nathan McClellan
This man is a hero! It breaks my heart to hear story after story of legitimate scientists; passionate about their work, both willing and able to inform the public of HOW they've come by the knowledge they have and what its implications are to us. One by one these courageous people are being stonewalled; gaslighted and forced out of their establishments ruthlessly. A type of professional and political firing line where reason is systematically silenced because it is inconvenient and costly. We MUST stand up and have their backs as everyday people!
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Vaccines-Honesty vs Policy - Part I. Is Dr Humphries Del Bigtree of The Highwire interviews Prof. 1 day ago   11:01

Dr Humphries discusses the primary issues in her hospital that set her on her course, her education and history. She addresses her relationship with homeopathy.