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Walt Disney Animation Studios
Check out the official trailer for Frozen 2 now, and see the film in theaters November 22.

Why was Elsa born with magical powers? The answer is calling her and threatening her kingdom. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she'll set out on a dangerous but remarkable journey. In “Frozen,” Elsa feared her powers were too much for the world. In “Frozen 2,” she must hope they are enough. From the Academy Award®-winning team—directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, producer Peter Del Vecho and songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez—and featuring the voices of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, “Frozen 2” opens in U.S. theaters on Nov. 22, 2019.

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Rebeca Victoria
Alquem brasileiro? Esse filme vai ser ingles nao ne?
Blast Gladium
have not seen the 1st one but this looks amazing.
Tyler Mceneaney
I was 15 when frozen came out and now I’m 21 when the new movie comes out
606 MC
And this trailer both destroyed and supported mattpat's theory
Kindness Kween
I saw the first Frozen in the theaters, and I wanna see this one! I may be 11 years old, but GIRL I love Frozen. So many people are like "Frozen is for Babies" and then I'm like "I love Frozen"
Miro Marzouq
The enchanted land? 😄 I'm hearing OUAT enchanted forest 😁👌🏼
Sangam Kalyan
But the biggest question is Why Elsa and Anna are not Disney princess .
ذأّإْتُ ألَأإسٌَـُٓأإوٌرُ !'٠٠
*متى العرض 💙؟*
Arcee Judy2019
Elsa could be in a love interest to a another women but not this one in the movie sequel. I think.?
Reem Hussain
So... Elsa's girlfriend is going to be Moana?
JK, I'm all into Elasa being single and independent and stuff...
So will Elsa be gay or not?
Carl Brutananadilewski
Tim Stern
Hmmmmm rocks in a formation of a circle. Hmmmmm totally no ties to any other princesses cough*merida*cough.
Naomi Hill
Who else is excited to see this movie and is a junior in high school
Bint Moslima
العربي ؟؟؟
Are you here?????
Elsa is Frozon's long lost sister
Kazuhira Kilmister
Am I the only one or does anyone else think that the voice at
the start sounded just like the one from Black ops zombie theme ? :D
Fiona McLean
"Let it Go"...
They have been trying to manufacture violence for 8 years while they continue to inflict theft and violence...

The opposite of violence isn't non-violence
It is a positive way to say I am here, I have a voice, and I have Constitutional protections like everybody else.
HUGE FAIL from the sociopaths in Hollywood or whatever. Education is for self-defense.
Akira Kurusu
#bringspideyback plz disney
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Frozen 2 Everything You Missed In The New Trailer Frozen 2 Official Trailer 2 months ago   06:47

Did You Catch All These Details In The Frozen 2 Trailer!?
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Frozen 2 Theory: The Truth About Elsa's Ice Powers ►
The Secret History Of Disney's Anna From Frozen ►

It's easy to fall in love with Olaf, Sven, and the entire "Frozen" gang. Because - let’s be real - they're totally awesome! Anna's bravery never fails to shine through, and Elsa's ice powers are sure to win every battle. All in all, Anna and Elsa are the coolest sisters we've ever laid eyes on. With the way things ended in the original "Frozen" movie, many of us weren't sure if there'd be a sequel or not. But now that there's an official release date in place, we're pretty much counting down the days until "Frozen 2" hits the big screen.

We're thrilled to see that the original cast will be reprising their roles. So, we're confident that "Frozen 2" will pull the rug from under our feet and make us see stars. Disney has just released a teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel. And well, we've got plenty of questions! Tune in as we attempt to decipher the teaser trailer's epic contents.

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