Cup Noodles Robot Timer Kitchen Triple Super Big Yakisoba Noodles 1 day ago   08:57

Cup Noodles robot timer. It was lottery prize of Cup Noodles 40th anniversary(2011 A.D.). I bought it from flea market app about 3000 yen.
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AMAB Charat
Omg this is so unnecessary, i need one thounsend
Alvaro Rivas
What the ♤♡◇♧ Is That
Disposable Storm Trooper
I can watch this thing for hours...its just hypnotic...also just for some reason so darn charming
Would be funny if someone got me this since my birthday is 9.18 😅
Talita Nunes Silva
Iamasillyboy Yesiam
kitchen timers really is not my thing but this is about the coolest one in the world and I want one. how do I get one?
Baby Noa
what does the robot say?
Cool! May the Fourth be with you!
Impressive construction and design for the newest vision of hell known to date.
Arlene Mendoza
Wtff need this
Miss Arale
So cute 💕
holly shively
I just saw this in your video the other day!!! I love it, amazing!!👍👍
The Republic of Ustio.
That's a badass robot. If they came in English and branded as Pot Noodles for UK and Irish markets, Japan would make a mint! :D
Avery Martin
The future is now
coffeemug190 98
Japan sure have awesome stuff it looks so cute 😍🇯🇵
Theo S
That is the best timer
Cool And Stuff Empire HD 2019
So cute
Monique Miller / Bendy
*insert original Transformers sound effect here*
Lyzah Garzetty
Cute i love it. One question how does it cost? Cause my friend is going to japan next week. And i want this for my birthday..
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Triple Super Big Yakisoba Noodles Cup Noodles Robot Timer Kitchen 1 day ago   07:30

Peyoung super super super big yakisoba. '超' means super. When I posted Super big yakisoba noodles Village Vanguard version yesterday, I got some comments that it's a bit disappointing because it wasn't contained by full of yakisoba noodles. So I show Japan No.1 super super super big yakisoba. It's 4 times the amount of the normal yakisoba. Of course it's not big enough for full of yesterday's container, but it's big enough for my meal. It's all of my today's meal. I can't eat anymore today.
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