harry & ron being scared of hermione newt scamander being a dork 8 months ago   02:29

hiii this video was highly requested ! my fave trio they're so cute x enjoy!

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Seljan Galal
Ron is adorable and funny
Seljan Galal
I thought the video said Harry and Ron being scared and I was going to ask where is the flying car lol
Rodris27 7
I hate it I thought hermione would be hermione granger Potter not hermione granger weasley
Bratu Horia
If hermione wouldve been a death eater .....DAMN
3myr Ryamo
“BRILLIANT, but scary..” Ronald Weasly 2001
WizardyGrow GT
1:52 when i accidently turned up the stove high and quickly turned it back off and my mom asked whats going on down there and will just say nothing
Well, women.
CuteLittleDarlin 101
0:18 though HAHHAHAHA
M s . S h i p p e r🖤
How could I be so stupid?
*throws book*
Breezy Raptor_XD
*Harry feels for his hair*
Ava Marie
Ron every second: “When did she get here?”
Jason Garriott
I think Hermione would even scare Merlin. Even though he is the most powerful sorcerer in the world.
Julia Maxine Davadilla
Now she is a super bitch
mimoza berti
Hahaha i cant stop laughing from herry and ron haha i love you oll♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
lucija dežman
harry: -engorgio-
also harry a second later: *REDUCIO*
Lol_ Gamer
Hermione: Where's my wand? Harry, Where's my wand?!!

Harry:*backing up* I don't know. I don't know.

Imagine Hermione going through childbirth with Ron and Harry to behold, i can only imagine how fearful they would be, now that would be pure comedy lmaoo
casey gray
whenever Hermione is being scary Harry always has this 'wait what did i do?' face on him
Record Finder
I love Harry’s pulled hair ptsd
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newt scamander being a dork harry & ron being scared of hermione 8 months ago   04:44