FAST 1 Minute Fix Front Bowtie How To Plasti Dip Emblems/Badges on Your Car | Step 1 day ago   02:40

Scouser Tech
Quick and easy way to change out your stock gold bowtie for new black bowtie on your Silverado front grill. No need to take off grill or crawl under vehicle.

Products used:

Amazon - Pry tools for Automotive trim

Amazon - Black Bowtie Set

Best way is to Amazon Prime the Bowties to the house. You can also get them at your local Chevy Dealership in the parts department.

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Heywood Jablowme
Thanks for this. I wasn't sure about the front emblem.
Aaron Z
Where’d you buy your black bow tie from?
Sumbody stole mine off my 2016 malibu 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
sean norris
Great video! If anyone needs to know I own a 2015 Silverado and the bowtie in the front is inlet slightly. This method works but if you own a 2015 I suggest you pry from both top and bottom as to not break the clips. I pryed like this video and broke my clips so be carefully, but if you are like me and going to black It doesn't matter breaking the clips just make sure you get the broken pieces out of the hole before slotting the new one!
Jordan McGuire
Is this the same for a 1995?
Hiban Ramirez
Lol. Wow! It took me like 5mins great video dude.
Jim Kaleta
Looks good but why didn’t you just paint it black?
Obzidian Bladez
Ha, and here I was watching a couple of vids on how to remove a bowtie by removing bolts and popping off the grill.
Abe Garcia
Would this go good on a 2016 white Chevy Malibu
Grant Wells
hey dude could I use this method on my monte carlo?
William Poe
I think the original "gold" Chevy bowtie looks so much better!!!!!!
sean emerson
Thank god I saw this post.. took me literally 3 mins.. thank you!
Robert Blais
I wish I would have done it this way. I popped my grille free and did it from the back like other videos, now the seal for the radiator doesnt sit right.... Good vid. Ty.
Thanks brothaaa👍🏼👍🏼
Plastic Spray Bottle
Will this work for a 2017 Chevy Malibu?
Zack Thompson
Thanks so much popped mine off my 2017 in a few mins so much easier and quicker than taking everything off!
j crock
Thank you so much, Changed it on my 2019 Silverado in just seconds
So simple. Wish I would have know when I plasti dipped my front one. Would have been way easier
Raymond Benson
Worked great for my 2019 Chevy Equinox 👍🏼
And the stock gold color is nice..
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