Why This Republican Rep Wants to Impeach Inside The Chinese Telecom Giant 2 days ago   02:04

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Rep. Justin Amash is the first Republican in Congress to call for President Trump's impeachment.
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In US news today, Rep Justin Amash has become the first Republican to call for President Trump's impeachment. When it comes to the idea of a Trump impeachment, late night shows have had a field day. The Trump administration has been facing the notion of impeachment because of the Robert Mueller report, the result of the Russia investigation. Mueller report reaction has been strong from Democrats, but now Republican Justin Amash, Trump's latest enemy, is also taking a stand against the president. The Mueller report explained how Trump likely obstructed justice. We might be close to the impeachment process. For more Russia investigation YouTube news stick with NowThis News.

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Dangerdan C
Good video has people who speak.
ben chang
Any republicans in the senate have a heart beat?
Amash? Amash? Is he even an American? No wonder-? Send the muslime home.
Anthony Baldlumbo
impeach to orange
Linda Tedesco
His father is Palestinian and his mother is Syrian descent. Oh, you thought he was a dedicated public servant out for justice? Whatever, dude. Amash was a consultant to Michigan Industrial Tools Inc. (also known as Tekton Inc.), a company his father founded and owned.[9] He worked as a corporate attorney for his family's business for a year before being elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2008.[10][11] Amash's two brothers also have positions at Michigan Industrial Tools, and the three share ownership of Dynamic Source International, a Chinese company that is a supplier to Michigan Industrial Tools.[8][12]
Logan 5
Best economy in 35 years
Unemployment numbers that are the envy of the world
Manufacturing jobs created in the hundreds of thousands
Anyone talking impeachment is nuts...
Too bad politics takes precedent over the greater good of the American people
fifa ut
just another libtard whats new
Tatersalad19 Cars
Ready for a Revolution??
Can someone give me one reason he should be impeached? And why does everyone hate the man just bc the media says to?
You have to have something to impeach him for to impeach him 😂
Ronald Tomlinson
I love this. It doesn’t matter if you are Democrat or Republican. You should fight for the betterment of all people.
Hero Fox
He should be impeached for banning and ruining Huawei
Impeach this racist criminal trump already America is better off without him
Jesus is KING
He has more balls them all the Gop put together
Light the dragonborn
What is so bad about trump? Hes not the best president ever but obama was much worse
marcelino duelas
This bad hombre with tantrum temper makes me sick,get him the heck out!!!
Pill 3434
It's never gonna happen
And Amash came in as a nutty Teabagger!
Luis Reyes
Rep. Justin Amash has earned my respect. 🇺🇸
Just A Guy Production
It's the party of trump now, not the republican party.
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Inside The Chinese Telecom Giant Why This Republican Rep Wants to Impeach 2 days ago   08:22

Huawei tried to save its image over a weeklong press junket.

“We wanted to invite U.S. media to come ask any questions on behalf of American customers,” said Catherine Chen, Huawei’s corporate senior vice president and director of the board.

VICE News took Huawei up on its offer and found out we were the only news organization that showed up.

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