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Formula One V6 Turbo: 2014 Rules | The Insane Logistics Of Formula 1 - At Up-Tube.com

Formula One V6 turbo: 2014 Rules The Insane Logistics of Formula 1 2 days ago   03:28

Transforming Formula One: 2014 Rules Explained: CGI Clip

A new clip from Red Bull sees Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel explain the 2014 Formula One regulations -- which are arguably the most complex the sport has ever seen.

At the start, thousands of car parts simultaneously assemble around Dan to form the RB10.

As Dan races to catch up Seb in his RB9, the World Champion's car becomes transparent while travelling at full speed. The film then presents a visual sequence that shows the 2014 regulation changes taking shape and coming to life, as Seb's car transforms into an RB10.

As well as providing information on the new technical changes for 2014, the clip also presents a unique view of the technology at work inside this year's Formula One cars.

More information on the Red Bull Ring is available at http://www.redbull.com/motorsports

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Comments 2926 Comments

danny danny
Feel like iron man
The death of the beautiful V10 sounds
0:35 Ricciardo is the real Night King
jari en sub even
Like red bull verstappen and gasly
Eddie's Adventures
Who else misses the V8 sound
bad head
0:04 Where is Japan?
Huskyo Dino
1:41 who heard the v10
Nathan Perez
Whoever did the animations has definitely watched Iron Man a lot
Mr Regazzoni
Back In 2014 I was "okay" now In 2019 I wish technology regret 20 years back
Hi I’m from the future. Vettel has just been robbed
Miguel Gutierrez
Sounds like a-lot to expect always expect the new. The drivers should have seen all off this coming. They will all settle in....
Schwarz Wolfram
I'd really like to know the music behind all this.
TreX Trikii
Only thing worse than Ricciardo’s season is he’s haircut
Edwin Yosimar Rincón Albarracin
Es la mejor explicación que he visto
Jackson C0258
It's Iron man 2 and transformers all over again
Steam Boar
hes smiling too much its creepy
LB Clips
For everyone that loves cars, its like watching porn
Andrew Campion
Ranoult on a Red Bull car? Caos
Chico Bicalho
If Ricciardo knew what a mediocre engine Renauld had put together back then he wouldn't have been smiling like that. Speaking of which, he seems to be suffering from "Renault Stockholm Syndrome" because he stuck with them all the way. I cannot imagine he isn't quietly regretting leaving Red Bull Racing, considering they wanted so much for him to stay, and now that Honda is finally delivering. And for being 'beaten by Verstappen', or no longer having preferential treatment, he should take advise from Nelson Piquet, not Alonso, Vettel, or Prost, leaving the team, and a fight. Stick with the better team, and fight like an adult man. There, I said it.
All this riff-raff. Drive electric F1 cars!
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The Insane Logistics of Formula 1 Formula One V6 turbo: 2014 Rules 2 days ago   09:14

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