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Epic Clothing Disasters We Can’T | Most Hilarious Epic Design - At Up-Tube.com

Epic Clothing Disasters We Can’t Most Hilarious Epic Design 10 months ago   15:36

Daily News
Epic Clothing Disasters We Can’t Believe Actually Happened (New Pics)
We have all had our embarrassing moments. Maybe you slipped and fell in front of everyone or accidentally stepped in dog poop, and while these things are horribly awkward sometimes all it takes is putting on the wrong outfit.
The following list is a series of clothing moments that are beyond cringe-worthy. From misguided ads with unintended sexual innuendos to overpriced shoes that look like they came from a dumpster, you just know the people who put these on didn't look in the mirror.
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Comments 290 Comments

Red Tiger
*A designer has left the chat...*
4:55 Clint= Cunt?! What MLBB EXPLAIN?!
Regular Invader
It's pathetic how some of these clothes are pricey even though the style is ripped.
Flap Zapple
WARNING: Monetized whore channel rotten with ads. More time on commercials than clips. Thanks, YouSuck. Mostly crap.
Bobby K
"I'm Batmen"
Wendy Solo
Most of this crap is made in china, so that would explain everything BAD about it all. I can't believe anyone would pay hundreds of dollars for a sweater full of holes. Jesus, if you want that, just come to my place and buy my clothes. I'll give you holey sweaters for 10 bucks each. hahaha!
MrsConnie 2You
@4:43 😒 WHAT?!?! 😂🤣😂🤣🙌🏾
Katherine Gaughan
I actually like the Versace boots Jennifer Lopez is wearing but can only imagine how much they they cost.
John Murray
If you're going to write straplines having a dig at poor English, probably best not to spell Scrabble 'Scrable'.
Val O'Brien
I like the Putin t-shirt at the start, it emphasises the distorted tit that he is! Only works on women and men with moobs though.
Val O'Brien
The shoes at 5:29 could be very useful for evading predatory animals! They'll get confused as to which direction you will run!
Peter F.
7:07 is due to Michael Jordon's jumpman logo given too an over rated baseball player, IE JEter, who went to TSUN .
J Dog
Even Tacos wish they were Pizza. 12:15
Radha Chatterjee
Really whoever designed them were high at the time🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andreas Elf
What's wrong with 4:26?
Tyson Thomas
haha those Nike shoes!!! stepped in dog shit
Sestrel Bethesda
All that stuff is from the east, where puttin any garbage on a shirt is ‘cool’.....
At 7:04 when it said michigan football then the basketball simble, the basketball simble was Jordan's. A sports companym
maddspice Thomas
The yeezys are you fucking kidding me I can do that to my own sweater why the hell would I pay all that money for that
Ariel L
6.21 rarely has JLO looked so incredibly stupid...aside from her big booty video UGH what a hot mess of a fucking train wreck that pos was!
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Most Hilarious Epic Design Epic Clothing Disasters We Can’t 10 months ago   25:59

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Most Hilarious Epic Design Fails

Designs at their best can make your brand memorable through catchy slogans and imagery. At their worst, however, they can make people remember your company for all the wrong reasons. The subreddit “Crappy Design” is a great example of how designs can go so very wrong, and leave a bad mark on your name.

Bored Panda has curated a new list of our favorite design fails from “Crappy Designs.” Sure these designers might have had good intentions, but where were their editors? Everything from animal sex on kids pajamas to subtle double entendres that an editor clearly missed, several people were clearly spaced out on the job.

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