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What's it like to work at GOOGLE? We visited the hugely awesome campus to find out. (And I broke way too many Google bikes along the way.)

Music by Stick Figure
Song: "Weary Eyes," "Shadow," "One of Those Days," "All My Love"
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Braxton Malcore
stop breaking bikes your mean
Scariest company EVER! Time to break it up!!! Anti Trust laws need to be enacted YESTERDAY!!!
Great video!!
Bernd Bella
Nice vid btw. Do you need to know someone from google to hang around there like you guys did? I will come over to California from Germany in 3 weeks and i am super curious about seeing google! =)
Martha Robertos
Cheap ass bike
Bill Bannon
Scott from stick figure is a friend. the fact you have his music in the background is amazing! CHEERS!
Brandon Cates
I can't wait for the next episode!!!
Eric Michalski
Hahaha. I was watching it on my android phone and Zane kept activating my Hey Google search. Was annoying but I found it more funny.
Geoff Greapentrog
How many bikes did you break?!!?!
Albert Shamah
Oh, great video Btw. Huge supporter of everything Google.
Albert Shamah
Come on Zane!! You named your rum after him (sort of) and now you turn your back on the poor little feller? Boooooo
Albert Shamah
I couldn't agree more!!! Poor old pleeplius, must be so lonely... #bringbackthemonkey
The Best Closer
Please take Pleeplius on your journeys. It isn't the same without him. 🐒👈🏼
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Coolest Office Ever? (Google Silicon Valley • GOOGLE campus 1 month ago   07:26

Google is known for their amazing offices around the world, so Jem & Roz check out their Asia-Pacific HQ in Singapore to see if it's worth the hype!

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