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10X Tesla Model X Issues (That | Why Isn't Tesla Broke? - At Up-Tube.com

10x Tesla Model X Issues (that Why isn't Tesla broke? 1 day ago   03:15

Meet Kevin
PS if you still want to buy a Tesla X, join the family and use this Tesla referral code to have unlimited super-charging (otherwise Tesla charges you after a certain mileage): http://ts.la/kevin5689

10 Reasons the Tesla Model X Sucks. My review of the Tesla Model X P75D purchased 12-22-2017. After almost 4 months of ownership, I couldn't hold back. Here are the 10 reasons Lauren and I hate our Tesla Model X. Some reasons didn't make it: how does your change your impression of Tesla? I love auto steer, but the rest sucks. Sorry Tesla and Elon. Not worth $98,000.


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Rick Kay
Love Tesla but my god what a pos that x is. Let’s hope they fix this junk like no auto close and leaky channel seals plague newer models. They are pretty good at improving, so let this lesson serve as a reminder to never get edition 1 of anything.
Tesla are really for people who don't want to drive at all ... I was not sold once I saw that everything had to go thru that screen.
Elser Sosa
Dude you honestly don’t deserve a Tesla, stop fucking complaining about little shit.
Hopefully Tesla upgrades their cars in the future and we can all drive them safley
John Lush
First world problems....
antonio volpe
customer service really sucks
These cars are expensive, trendy, " look at me" gimmicks. Transportation should be practical and cheap. Have fun making that giant car payment on a vehicle that only goes 200 miles.
Rico Jazz
What a JOKE of a car. It's basically an iPad on wheels, an then the fucking thing FREEZES. 0:45 Great!
Phillip Dupreez
first world problems sigh
Lol jeez that rain issue is terrible. You’d expect them to spend more time looking out for that kinda stuff before they put it into mass manufacturing Elon was definitely smoking weed when he was asked to confirm the final version of the car lol
sUiCideLmAo •
Lmao imagine paying over 100.000$ to get a car that has issues like it would be 20 years old and is so cheaply manufactured you want to cry..nah thanks I go with my audi
Thank you kevin!
We subsidize these rich fucks
Who will pay 100k plus ? Hell no this suv is at the most 65k not 100k, and not to mention all the defects and poorly engineered vehicle. Wow!
I hated my P90D.
How is it after the recent software updates? From what I’ve heard the autopilot has gotten a lot better, I ask cause I’ve been looking into getting a model 3, they’re just wayyy too much fun to drive and I think overall Elon is trying to do good things.
shit car for a shit generation of fairy feminist sjws.
A toy car for soy boy.
Basically a Tesla is just a status symbol.
Commander ™
American engineering.
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Why isn't Tesla broke? 10x Tesla Model X Issues (that 1 day ago   09:44

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