The Great Ilhan Omar Debate Michael Brooks Demolishes Smear 2 months ago   07:59

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
Democrats are quick to pose with Ilhan Omar when it looks good on a magazine cover, but when it comes to standing with her on tough issues, they vamoosed.

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Douglas Baer
Omar must be impeached and deported.
Peter Pantic
IIhan OMAR is very intelligent lady . She knows more about History, Geography and America then most Americans do. I am not the Muslim but I really would like to say Allah bless you you lady and your family.
Frank Roth
Un American omar tlaib and their goofy side kick cortez need to be voted out in 2020 radical muslims are dangerous deceitful and duplicitous
king moj
Rep. Ilhan Omar & Rep. Rashida Tlaib & Rep. AOC are still awesome !!!
They're too strong.
They're the UNTOUCHABLE congresswomen.
San C
She's good at finding ways to catch spotlight... speaks so much of Islamaphobia in the west but hardly ever speaks against brutal islamic cultures and political systems who violate women's/minority/press/ human rights in a daily basis... legally! She never speaks against of radical-islam terrorizing the world ! I guess she's made it to America... congrats ... so now you don't have to worry about being tortured/jailed, Honor killings, genital mutilation, etc... Now you have all the rights and freedoms because you're in a civilized western nation, so well done Biting the hand that feeds you ... knowing a Woman-activist who speaks against gov, religion, etc would hardly exist in an islamic society! Thanks for ignoring the reality and ignoring millions of other women who suffer across the globe... Please know that you don't represent them !
Emily Con
Jewish friend having Megan Kane lol 😆
Rassan Ferhadi
Galak supas daa
chenzo mutumbo
She is also against money in politics across the board, this is her staying consistent and true to her principles even thru the smears ... you have my support Rep. Omar
chenzo mutumbo
There is a difference between being antisemitic and being antiapartheid ... why will nobody address her point that money influences politics, why is there an exemption for the Israel lobby..... also the right wing lakud govt in Israel does NOT equal all Jews
dick castle
Omar wears a Hee-jab
Gods Klanof
Ilhan Omar is a deceiver, she is praying that USA will be as Saudi Arabia with quran as constitution. Ask her, she can confirm it, if she is speaking the truth.
Gods Klanof
Ilhan Omar is a deceiver!!
Heidi Hogshire
Saying "all about the Benjamins" about the Israel lobby is not "messed up", Samantha. It's not anti semitic. It's correct.
Some people did something
Randall Goguen
Pledge Allegiance? At least 13/100 Senators, at least 27/435 House Reps, and many of The President's cabinet have dual US/Israeli citizenship with Israel. Now ask yourself how many Dual Citizens serve in Israel's Government .... the answer is "zero". The Israelis consider dual citizens to be a security risk. I wonder why they would think that?
Randall Goguen
She has nothing to apologize about Sam.
Randall Goguen
This is what happens when your country's foreign policy is the second coming and your history book is an evangelical bible.
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Michael Brooks Demolishes Smear The Great Ilhan Omar Debate 2 months ago   15:05

Michael gets into an intense debate on Israeli television about Ilhan Omar.

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