The Great Ilhan Omar Debate Michael Brooks Demolishes Smear 1 week ago   07:59

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
Democrats are quick to pose with Ilhan Omar when it looks good on a magazine cover, but when it comes to standing with her on tough issues, they vamoosed.

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does she condemn Hamas?
Kevin Williamson
Samantha you are the 🐐
Edward Terry
Omar's open hatred of Jews is disgusting. 😐
Vera 1957
She married her brother!!!!!😜
Lol you forgot to include that into your jokes?
Samanthy dumb-B is just another blond shill for the left, spewing nonsensical talking points to get the applause from her knuckle-dragging fan-base. IMHO Omar didn't say anything anti-jewish in that one segment...but neither did Trump (hint for you here, Dumb-B: saying someone is "good at negotiating" is actually a big no way is it a slur to anyone...but of course, you're a blonde dumb-B, so you wouldn't know this).
Telly Vin-a
saying the I-word in Washington DC is like saying the N-word anywhere else
rodolfo martinez
She doesn't belong where she is doesn't even know what she is saying. Wow all her followers, I can imagine how ignorant they are.
Theo Nick
Ilan Omar for President
Mike Bates
Samantha B is the least funniest person on this earth. If you really watch Omar she has NOT ONCE put forth a discussion or policy that would positively influence Americans. She is all about foreign needs and allowing illegals to come here on our dime which I may not have an issue with if I ever once heard her care about Americans, veterans or any other domestic need. Do your research folks, ck facts and don’t listen to this bias or any other biased media.
Thank you Samantha for actually showing Ilhan Omar's comments in full context.
Nathan Tad
If u want freedom .. u don’t elect hamas
I like this presenter wish England had presenters like her.,
Mohammad Abu Hawash
Weak start to the piece but it got better as they went on
Another snow flakes in entertainment business. No room for Islamic way of thinking .
I never cared for Samantha B or her show, butgotta say this is a really good segment and surprised she stood up for Ilhan Omar and her alleged “antisemite comments” meh !!!!

Which they are definitely not antisemite and only a coward fanatic Zionist sell out politician would consider it so.
Puntland Community
Ilhan Omer..beautiful super heroine..crime figher Congresswoman.. she is high
Romeo Naranjo
samantha bee is a shill
Romeo Naranjo
she should not have apologised she was telling the truth
Homer Balderas
I’m just a Israel to them what Mexico is to me? Who’s from Israel? Is this a holy war?
K Noche
Foreign allegiance? Look into the anti-BDS laws passed in some states
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Michael Brooks Demolishes Smear The Great Ilhan Omar Debate 1 week ago   15:05

Michael gets into an intense debate on Israeli television about Ilhan Omar.

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